heroes season 1

DVD Library #13: Heroes Season 1 5-Disc Set

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heroes season 1

It’s the last day of DVD Week and I’ve decided to make it special. So far, I’ve featured movies on DVD. It’s time to unleash the first TV show on this stupid blog series. Ladies and gents, Heroes Season 1!

Stupid crickets. Anyhoo, I have longed to watch episodes of the first season of Heroes as a single cohesive unit for months, and thanks to my former girlfriend (a topic for another time), I’ll long no more.

The Story: I was dreading to see some tights (well, at least on the men) and thankfully, there are none. This is a very well written TV show, y’all! I don’t say that a lot about TV shows since I’m no expert, but by God, it’s a damn good show. I love how each character grows in every episode. I love how their paths cross in multiple ways. I love how they all have individual stories and yet they all fit into a larger story. In the name of Stan Lee I swear, I love how the stuff of comic books got transported wonderfully into the small screen.

The Eye Candy: Genius. The special effects were done in a way that isn’t flashy, unlike other superpowers-heavy shows like Smallville and Charmed (witchcraft is more or less superpowers, so shut up). This minimalist approach to superpowers helped the show be more realistic, telekinetic surgeries and all.

niki heroesThe Actors: Among the ensemble cast, I really can’t see one bad actor. Well, I got annoyed by the Indian guy at first, but he did a decent job, generally speaking. Strong set of actors means no whining from me. Yay!

The DVD Extras: I was surprised at the amount of extras for this 5-Disc set. Most of the episodes have deleted scenes, and most of them are interesting enough to be included in the final cut, methinks. I also love the making-of featurette, the featurette on the score, and the profile of Tim Sale.

A solid first season for a solid TV show with solid DVD extras makes this a solid (LOL that’s a lot of solids!) DVD set. It’s rewatchabality (new word!) is phenomenal. You can watch each episode on its own, but really. The best way to watch Heroes is to watch episodes consecutively. One day, I’m going to watch this in one sitting, and I shall emerge from it a faster, stronger, and better geek.

heroes season 1

And that ends DVD Week. I hope you learned some kind of lesson because I definitely did not. What?


  1. You are wrong. Cheerleader > Stripper Schizo with boring storyline.

    I therefore conclude that everything you say is wrong.

  2. DUDE. It’s not Stripper Schizo’s fault. It’s that stupid kid. The one who talks to Mr. Technology. And how can a really hot stripper schizo who hurts people a lot have a boring storyline? Come on!

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  4. You actually buy DVDs at full price? Dang it. I usually wait for them to go on sale, because I'm cheap like that. I'm already thinking of ways of killing you and wearing your skin around, pretending to be you so I could go to your house and steal your DVDs and not be noticed.

  5. Not all the time, Coco guy. I pick up the ones I really, really, really want to have sex with as soon as they come out. But most of the time, yeah. I do what you do: Kill people to steal their DVDs.

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