the simpsons movie

DVD Library #12: The Simpsons Movie

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the simpsons movie

People said it shouldn’t be done. They said it would ruin the TV show. They said it’s going to suck like hell. I say SHUT UP, NERDS! The Simpsons Movie is just what it is: a movie done, Simpsons style! OK, that didn’t make sense, so let’s just talk about it here, the fourth and penultimate chapter of DVD Week.

The Story: I think I wouldn’t have cared if the story sucked balls, which it didn’t, because come on! It’s the Simpsons! It’s all about the trials of a family with a dumbass breadwinner, a passive homemaker, a smartypants girl, a prankster boy, and an almost-useless-but-still-cute baby. And oh, their whole town is nuts. The funny was delivered, and it was delivered hard, regardless of the stupid plot. I mean, teaser trailers alone had me pissing my pants in anticipation. That Spider-Pig song is classic.

The Eye Candy: Nothing groundbreaking and exceptional, but hey, I’m definitely glad they didn’t do a live action movie. Or a 3D one. *shudders*

The Actors: What can I say? The voices behind the characters have been ingrained in my head for years, and all I was wishing for was they don’t change any of the voices. Funny cameo by Tom Hanks and Green Day, by the way.

The DVD Extras: This is where the DVD failed me. I was hoping for a featurette on the history of the Simpsons and maybe even a making-of extra or two, but alas, there are none. I love the trailers, though, so I’m happy they included all of it.

Bottom line is, I bought this DVD out of my love for the Simpsons. Plain and simple. They’ve lost some of their charisma, sure. But I’ll be damned, the yellow denizens of Springfield still got it. I’m game for a sequel, actually. I just wish they’ll bring in something new, though, like a new character or a new element in the family. I dunno. Being icons has its disadvantages, and becoming stale is definitely at the top of the list.

the simpsons movie



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