DVD Library #11: Ratatouille

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So far on DVD Week, we’ve seen a wall-crawling super-hero and swashbuckling bloody pirates. Today, the spotlight goes to a rat who wants to be a chef in Paris. Ratatouille is brought to us by my favorite creative tandems, Pixar and Brad frickin’ Bird. The Incredibles is still superior, but this baby is a close second.

The Story: First of all, it’s about a rat trying to be a chef in Paris. Think about that for a minute. I just had to leave all my expectations at the door, right? Wrong. We’re talking about Brad Bird here. He wrote and directed this, so I sorta expected quality storytelling in the midst of the talking rats and caricatures of the French. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a nice story about being all that you can be and doing what your heart desires. It’s not as funny as I hope it would be, though. But still, very entertaining for a movie about a rat in the world of fine dining.

The Eye Candy: Are you kidding me?! I think this is the best looking Pixar movie I’ve seen so far. I love the warm colors and the cinematography. The different kinds of food in the movie looks awesome. And yummy. And delish. And now I’m hungry.

peter o’tooleThe Actors: The voice actors are okay. Nobody really stands out, except for Peter O’Toole. But really, that deep cold voice can stand out anywhere. Every time I hear it, I’m reminded of my fear of my elementary school principal. She was one scary beeyotch.

The DVD Extras: I would’ve liked it if this was a 2-Disc edition. I’m a sucker for Pixar DVD extras. They’re just a joy to watch. But this baby contains a decent amount of quality extras like the original animated shorts “Your Friend the Rat” and “Lifted”. The featurette that showed the similarities between fine dining and movie making is also fun to watch.

A little short on extras but big on entertainment value. I’m not really a fan of animated films with talking animals, especially the more recent ones (by my last count, there were about, I dunno, 50 movies about penguins the last couple of years), but this one’s worth eating my pride and enjoying a movie about a rat who can make a wicked awesome soup.



  1. I love this movie! I’ve watched it at least three times.

    Found you via entrecard by the way. Come by and drop when you have the time. Cheers!

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