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So I just saw the Iron Man movie and I’m still giggling like a school girl because of that scene after the credits. I’m betting that most people who have seen and will see it will write a review like their opinions are worth everybody’s time. So, yeah. I’ll pass on my review until the DVD arrives. Instead, I’ll let DOOM give his opinion because really, his is the only opinion that matters. And DOOM says the Iron Man movie pleases him.

I would just like to say that the last line of the movie, excluding the scene after the credits (IT WILL MAKE YOU PISS YOUR PANTS!), was the best line of the movie. “It’s true. I am Iron Man.” Why? Three reasons:

1. It establishes that Tony Stark is and forever will be Tony Stark. Sure, he’s been changed with the whole experience. He’s done some heroic things. He became Iron Man. He became a superhero. But underneath all that, he’s still a rebel billionaire, which makes him a fun character. Eat that, Richard Branson!

2. It moves Tony Stark’s story forward. It seems we’re skipping the whole “Iron Man is Tony Stark’s bodyguard” phase, which is awesome. The whole world now knows that Stark dons a suit of armor to serve and protect mankind. This opens up a whole lot of story possibilities for the sequel. Yeah. Everybody knows there’s going to be a sequel. The movie deserves it.

3. Two words: CHEAP THRILLS. Come on. We all know they wouldn’t release the movie without including a nod to the Black Sabbath song. If it wasn’t obvious enough, a few seconds after the line was delivered, the credits started to roll. And guess what song was playing.

Well, that’s that. Expectations met. Kudos to Jon Favreu and the awesome cast. I was deeply awesomed.

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