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Deadpool’s Wedding And Other Things To Look Forward To From Marvel In April 2014

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Man, I love solicitations. They’re like those trailers that run right before a movie but with no movie and there’s no cool voice-over guy and… this metaphor just isn’t working, is it? Anyway, here are the things I’m looking forward to from Marvel based on their April 2014 solicitations, including Deadpool’s wedding! (Also, click on the images to view the full covers.)

Superior Spider-Man #31

Superior Spider-Man #31

It’s the series finale of a title I really like. It was such a joy seeing Doctor Octopus inside Peter Parker’s body and just trolling the entire Marvel Universe. But I guess it’s good to step down while you’re on the top of your game rather than wait for the whole thing to just turn into a sad, tired gimmick. It’s 64 pages of Spidey goodness!

Amazing Spider-Man #1The Amazing Spider-Man #1

The solicitation reads “The Greatest Super Hero of All Time RETURNS!” and I just realized that I agree with that statement 100%. I truly believe that Spider-Man is the greatest super hero of all time and Peter Parker is the one, true Superior Spider-Man. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to read a Spider-Man comic in my life. Also, I just might have to break my new all-digital comics diet for this one because of that gorgeous Marcos Martin variant cover. Hot damn.

Hulk #1Hulk #1

Mark Waid’s current run on The Incredible Hulk isn’t getting the appreciation that I think it deserves. It’s full of high drama, fun action, great sassy dialogue, and SCIENCE! I can’t wait for this relaunch, still written by Waid but this time with artist Mark Bagley. I’m not too crazy about Bagley’s art, but I’ll take it.

Nightcrawler #1Nightcrawler #1



All-New Doop #1All-New Doop #1

Doop, the giant mutant booger, gets his own mini-series written by co-creator Peter Milligan. If this is anywhere near as fun as that done-in-one issue of Wolverine and the X-Men by Jason Aaron, we are in for a strange and wonderful ride. Here’s hoping for an ongoing!

Avengers Undercover #3Avengers Undercover #3

As a fan of Dennis Hopeless’ Avengers Arena, I’m looking forward to this issue. The solicitation mentions a confrontation between Arcade and the survivors of Murder World and “someone doesn’t survive”. That sounds like DEATH, you guys, and if another one of those kids die, I will high five Hopeless and then proceed to kick his balls.


Deadpool #27Deadpool #27

Deadpool’s wedding. Huh. This is probably a cheap gimmick that will be forgotten in a few months, but wouldn’t it be amazing if the marriage actually sticks and we get new adventures of Deadpool who now has to deal with the married life and whoever the hell he is marrying? I would definitely read that, but maybe for just a couple of issues. What’s really interesting about this issue though is that every single writer who has every written Deadpool’s series — including Gail Simone! — will be contributing to this 100-page monster.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #12The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #12

There is only one reason that I’m looking forward to this issue and it’s I look forward to every issue of this fantastic comic book. It is BEST.


Hawkeye #19Hawkeye #19

This comic book is also BEST. Especially when it focuses on Kate Bishop and how Madame Masque can’t wait to kill the younger and female-er Hawkeye.


Guardians of the Galaxy #14Guardians of the Galaxy #14

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning put the Guardians, the modern iteration at least, on the map. So it’s nice to have them back for this 100th (actually 101st) anniversary celebration issue. It’s also interesting how  much shenanigans Venom and Captain Marvel will contribute to the group.

There are other anniversary issues this month like Daredevil’s 50th year and All-New X-Men‘s 25th issue, but I’m still not sure how excited I am about those. Anyway, onwards to April!



  1. Honestly, I am not looking forward to the end of Superior Spider-Man because I love the book. I guess it’ll probably sting less if a) they give us a satisfying reason how Pete returns and b) the writing for Amazing Spider-Man ends up as good as or even better than Superior.

    Also, since I just finished reading Avengers Arena, I wanna check out Avengers Undercover too.

    1. Wasn’t Avengers Arena heartbreaking? And deliciously violent? Also, I don’t think any reason will be satisfying enough for the return of Peter from that weird brain-swapping death thing. Haha.

      1. Yeah! I didn’t expect that I’d be this invested in the series considering that I didn’t even read Avengers Academy.


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