Red Hood and the Outlaws - Starfire

DC Reboot Week 4: Girl Power

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #1

I’m a week late on this post thanks to some snag with my hosting service, an awesome weekend with the girlfriend and a relatively awesome couple of days working. But hey, there’s still time for me to rip into the fourth week of the DC Reboot so let’s get it on. As usual, let’s start with the YES group. I will definitely pick up the #2 issues of these books.


I have got to give props to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. In Batman #1, there’s action, there’s mystery and there’s even comedy. I’ve always been a fan of Capullo because I think he draws some of the best action scenes in the industry. This is one dude from the 90’s that I hope would stick around for a very long time. I never saw him as a Batman guy but he draws the Caped Crusader pretty well.

Batman #1 - Batman by Greg Capullo

But back to Snyder. I’ve never really read much of his stuff so I went into this book feeling “Meh. I’m in it for the art.” and then BAM! Joker shenanigans.

Batman #1 - Joker

Fun storytelling with this whole Joker business. I don’t know if it ties in with the issue’s cliffhanger, but Scott Snyder has officially convinced me to pick up future issues of this book. And speaking of picking up future issues of a book, Batman isn’t alone in my shopping list. I also have Wonder Woman in there.

In Wonder Woman #1, I saw a darkness in Diana’s world that I have never seen before. As DC’s top female character, she deserves this straight up freaky action-horror story with berserker centaurs and half-naked chicks. Speaking of half-naked chicks, Diana doesn’t wear pants after all. I say that’s a victory! The best part of it all is that it jumps right into a story. It doesn’t drag us into origin flashbacks or pages and pages of exposition. Thank you to the awesome Cliff Chiang for making Wonder Woman sexy while still giving her that regal warrior aura. And thank you, Brian Azzarello, for letting us all see how centaurs are actually made. And then making Wonder Woman headbutt them. It is a gift, good sir.

Wonder Woman #1

Green Lantern Corps #1 and Birds of Prey #1 round out my YES books. I have to admit that I initially thought of putting these two books in my MEH group as they didn’t really have that hook that I was looking for. I loved the violence in GLC but it wasn’t enough to make me forget that I have absolutely no interest in John Stewart. But I love epic bloody battles in space so I guess I’m in it for the long haul. As for BoP, I was slightly disappointed with how quick the book read. It’s a car chase with a couple of flashbacks and BAM! Explosion. I’m not really a fan of the “writing for the trade” philosophy but I’m a huge fan of the Birds. I’ll be back for more.


Blue Beetle #1, Legion of Super-Heroes #1, Nightwing #1 and Supergirl #1 are all interesting enough to earn a quick browse or a complete and questionable read via the Internet for their next issues. And maybe a comic book store purchase. We’ll see. But for now, aside from Supergirl, none of these books really offer something new to long time fans so they kind of come off as boring even if they are quite decent comics. Supergirl feels fresh and mysterious, just like Superboy from last week. I’m just not sure I’m willing to spend time and money waiting for all the information about these Superpeople to be revealed.

My last MEH book is Catwoman #1. I think the Internet has heard enough about this issue so I’ll just say “LOL THAT’S AWESOME.” and post this image:

Catwoman #1


As much as I love Paul Jenkins when he’s doing Marvel stuff, I was totally bored with DC Universe Presents #1. I guess Jenkins’ introspective style only works for me if he’s writing characters that I actually care about. Deadman? Boring. And this ties directly to how I feel about Captain Atom #1. Man, this book is boring. It has a superhero fighting a volcano in New York City and I still got bored. Maybe it’s just me?

Finally, we have Red Hood and the Outlaws #1. Plenty of flash, no substance. Unless you consider gratuitous shots of Starfire in a bikini “substance”.

Red Hood and the Outlaws - Starfire

There’s a lot of girl power in this week’s batch of New 52 titles. The problem is there’s not much power to command respect in some of these girls. Plenty of sex appeal, though. Which is just fine, I guess.



  1. pinaka kawawa ang pag-reboot kay Catwoman! After being such a fantastic character in Gotham City Sirens she is treated this way. Same thing about Powergirl who had such a great two year run at ngayon ay isa na lamang supporting cast na pang-kama kay Mr. 3rd Smartest Man In The World Terrific. Highly recommend Scott Snyder's run in Detective Comics!


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