Red Lanterns #1

DC Reboot Week 3: Here Be Dragons

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Red Lanterns #1

It’s the third week of the DC Reboot and so far, I’m still on the fence with this whole New 52 thing. Last week, I put the second wave of DC’s new #1 issues in 3 categories: YES, MEH and BOO. I had 5 titles in the YES group, 5 titles in the MEH group and 3 titles in the pathetic BOO group. This week, I pretty much stick to those numbers. Let’s start with the comics that didn’t suck.


My favorite book this week is definitely Paul Cornell’s Demon Knights #1. It has sorcery, bar room brawls, demons, exploding babies and the promise of dragons next issue. Cornell builds a world and introduces a bunch of characters in a single issue, which is quite more intriguing compared to what we saw in Stormwatch #1 last week. Diogenes Neves nails it with the art too. I was skeptical about a team book set in the dark ages but after seeing the potential of fun and medieval mayhem in this issue, I’m all in. Did I mention we were promised dragons next month?

Demon Knights #1

Frankenstein: Agent of S.HA.D.E. #1 was not as pretty as Demon Knights #1, but it had the same sense of fun that I don’t see a lot of in the DCU. Monsters fighting monsters is so Marvel-y and I think that’s why I got attracted to this freak of a book. I’m not too keen on the art, though. It’s too dirty for me especially in the action panels.

My thoughts about Red Lanterns #1 are biased, to be honest. I love this Lantern corps and I would read a monthly series about them even if it’s written and drawn by Rob Liefeld. Well, maybe not. But I would seriously consider it! Fortunately, Peter Milligan is the writer of this bitch and he does a great job in telling the story of how Atrocitus got his groove back. Ed Benes on art is also a plus especially because he makes Bleez look 10x sexier. Also, let me just say that if you put a double page spread of Dex-Starr in your comic, I will buy that shit, no questions asked.

Red Lanterns #1

Green Lantern #1 doesn’t feel like a reboot so I guess DC really is going to stick with recent Green Lantern continuity. From Sinestro becoming a Green Lantern again to Hal Jordan being this close to being a bum, there’s a lot going on here that keeps me interested. So yes, I’ll be back for #2.

As for Batwoman #1, I have to admit that I liked it mostly because of J.H. Williams’ beautiful art. This dude draws pretty comics, yo.

Batwoman #1

I will never get tired of superheroes crashing through windows.

I haven’t really read a lot of Batwoman comics so the pages with Kate Kane’s dad was kind of disorienting. But overall, it was a haunting book that deserves another peek because of its intriguing villain and its ridiculously pretty art.

From the YES! books that I’ll definitely pick up again next month, let’s move on to the books that are neither great nor horrible.


I really wanted to like Resurrection Man #1, Mister Terrific #1, and Superboy #1 but they didn’t quite catch my fancy. I enjoyed reading them, yes, but at the end of the day, I was looking for something new. I never really cared about these characters before, so I guess I was looking for something in these first issues that would make me care for them. But they just didn’t hook me. They’re good comics but I don’t think they’re for me.

Deathstroke #1 contained some pretty awesome moments, particularly in the last few pages, but I don’t think I’m ready to invest in the series right now.

Another villain-centric book that entertained me this week was Suicide Squad #1. It’s like a darker, more twisted version of Thunderbolts. However, this first issue didn’t do enough to make me want to read a monthly series about a team of sick, sad killers under the command of a younger, sexier Amanda Waller. By the way, what is up with that? In the same comic where Harley Quinn becomes a sluttier version of her Old DCU self, Amanda Waller goes from plus-sized badass black woman to slutty cleavage-showing black girl. Way to go, DC.

Suicide Squad #1

The meatiest part of Suicide Squad #1.


Finally, we have the books that I will definitely leave out of my pull list. Let’s start with Batman & Robin #1. I get why Bruce Wayne and his bastard son Damian could be compelling as Batman and Robin but I will always prefer the previous iteration of the Dynamic Duo. The pairing of Damian and Dick Grayson was simply more exciting and dynamic. There was a sense of freshness to their duo that added color and flair to the Bat franchise. The pairing of Bruce and Damian is just bland and kind of depressing.

Speaking of bland and depressing, I also read Grifter #1 this week. As I expected, it was a snorefest. Moving on.

Legion Lost #1 didn’t bore me. It kind of made me furious, actually. I thought DC organized this whole New 52 business to reel in new readers. I’m familiar with the Legion but I was still totally confused when I read it. I had no idea what was going on. The book actually lives up to its title because if you read it, you will definitely be lost in a story that feels like the 6th issue of a 12-issue maxi-series. Most of the issue was spent with the Legion asking questions like “Where is [insert character’s name here]?”, “What’s going on?” and “What do we do now?” By the end of the issue, I knew one question that I will NOT be asking in the near future: “What happens next?” I have no intention of finding out what happens next because wow, this book is annoyingly inaccessible.

Legion Lost #1

An accurate representation of my feelings about this book.

Week 3 is a lot like Week 2 — decent and slightly disappointing. We’re halfway through the first month of the DC Reboot and it’s not as epic and mind-blowing as I thought it would be. Shame.



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