Action Comis #1

DC Reboot Week 2: Superman Was Kind Of A Douchebag

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Action Comis #1

I’ve already told you about my slight disappointment with last week’s Justice League #1. Now I’m here to tell you about my mixed feelings about the second assault of the New 52. Just like in my DC Reboot post (where I judged the event roughly 3 months before it was rolled out), I’ll be categorizing this week’s comics into groups according to how I feel about them. Let’s start with the books that I think are awesome.


These are the books that I will definitely pick up again next month. Let’s start with the big dog — Action Comics #1. It’s kind of surreal that we’re actually reading a new Action Comics #1 in 2011. This is probably the most anticipated book among the New 52 because 1) it’s written by Grant Morrison and 2) IT’S ACTION COMICS #1. I didn’t fall in love with it immediately, though. I’m used to seeing Superman in his early days (in comics, on TV and in the movies) as a mild-mannered country boy who just wants to do the right thing. But here, he acts like a total… I can’t find the right word.

Action Comis #1 - Superman: Douchebag

Action Comis #1 - Superman: Asshole

No, I really can’t describe how I felt about Superman in the first few pages. But the issue eventually pulled me in; first with Lex Luthor, then the excellent action-packed finish. I’m still uncomfortable with this young, brash Superman, but I’ll be back next month for more.

Now on to the other big renumbered issue — Detective Comics #1. I have to admit that I didn’t expect much from Tony Daniel as a writer for reasons I also don’t know, but in this issue, he has made a believer out of me. He successfully puts the spotlight on Batman’s detective skills while making the Joker look as scary as ever. I also like the fact that Batman gets almost blown up twice in this issue.

Detective Comics #1 - THOOM! Detective Comics #1 - SKABOOM!

Batman and explosions. Two of my favorite things in comics.

I expected to be entertained by Action and Detective but I never thought that I would fall in love at first sight with Animal Man #1 and Swamp Thing #1. I was interested in them before, yes, but now they’re on my pull list. I don’t see a lot of creepy stuff in my mainstream comics these days so these two are a breath of fresh air. Kudos to Jeff Lemire, Travel Foreman, Dan Green, Scott Snyder and the magnificent Yanick Paquette!

Finally, we have OMAC #1. The only reason I was sort of drawn (pun intended) to it was Keith Giffen’s Kirbyesque art. I was pleasantly surprised at how amusing it is. I can actually pinpoint the exact two panels that hooked me and made sure that I’ll be picking up #2.


The book just screams fun and I would like to see more, please. Now on to the MEHs.


These are the books that I may or may not pick up again next month. Let’s begin with Batgirl #1. I’m still quite upset that Babs is Batgirl again. The issue reveals that she was indeed shot in the spine by that asshole, the Joker. That’s cool, I guess, but the issue as a whole just didn’t do it for me. It’s not bad but it didn’t make me stop wishing that Stephanie Brown is still Batgirl and Barbara Gordon is still Oracle. Good amount of action, though.

Batgirl #1

As for Justice League International #1, I have to admit that it’s also a fun book. If I’m going to pick it up again next month, it’s because I already like the group dynamics. I’m just not sure if this book should exist, though. Stormwatch #1 presented a more interesting story, but I think it’s appropriate to call it the first part of a story because, like Justice League #1, it just felt like a really long introduction. It just didn’t have that punch that I was expecting to get. But then again, I’m a fan of Paul Cornell so I’d probably get #2. Maybe.

Men of War #1 and Static Shock #1 both entertained, but not enough to hook me. At least they weren’t as disappointing as the BOOs.


I am absolutely not picking up these books again next month. Batwing #1 has a few cool scenes, yes, but I just can’t connect to the character and the story. Green Arrow #1 has a few awesome action pages but the story just falls flat. I was reading it and I was like “Man, I can’t wait for these characters to stop talking”. Also, there’s a sort of nice action panel that falls short of being a great action panel because of its lack of sound effects.

Green Arrow #1

Really? Not even a “KRAK”?

Yes, now I’m just nitpicking. But that’s just a testament to how bored I was while reading the issue. And don’t get me started on Sterling Gates and Rob Liefeld’s Hawk & Dove #1. That was just painful.

Overall, it was a decent second week for the DC Reboot . But I was expecting a stellar one.



  1. I like how Gail Simone portays Babs, but the character loses a lot of her power now that she's been reduced to just another Batman female analogue. Also, I like douchebag asshole Superman for some reason. Meh, I forgot to read Animal Man. Also, don't bother picking up Justice League International: it's horrible.

    1. I already picked up everything, Ade. Hence this blog entry. LOL Anyway, I actually liked JLI. Mostly because of Lopresti’s art. But overall, yeah, it wasn’t bad.

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  3. bakit kasi pinipilit nila si JT Krul sa Green Arrow, hindi na sila natuto sa horrendous Rise and Fall mini-series kung saan sumisinghot ng droga si Red Arrow ngunit ito'y hallucination lang pala dahil ang sinisinghot talaga nya ay isang patay na daga (or skunk or something)

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  5. Grant Morrison’s Superman in Action Comics is legit. Like the original Superman from the original first numbers of Action Comics.

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