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DC Reboot Hasty Judgment Time!

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Yes, I’m still calling it a reboot even though DC doesn’t want people calling it a reboot. They’re not the boss of me! Most of their established franchises will be starting fresh with all-new directions, stories and #1 issues in September and that’s a reboot in my book. With all the promised 52 new #1’s of the DC reboot finally revealed and with only covers and short descriptions to work with, I’ve already made my mind about all of them. Because we’re on the Internet and that’s how we do things around here. I’ve categorized the 52 #1’s of the Great DC Comics Reboot of 2011 into 4 groups based on what I feel about them. Let’s start with LOLWTF?!

Rob Liefeld's Hawk and Dove

  • Hawk & Dove #1
  • Supergirl #1
  • Teen Titans #1

I started reading comics in the mid 90’s and I was fascinated with the X-Men, but I gravitated towards Image books because of the art. And then my taste in comic book art grew up. That’s why Teen Titans #1 and Hawk & Dove #1 look so funny to me. And seriously? Rob Liefeld? You’re gambling with the fate of the entire comic book market with this huge reboot move and you involve Rob Liefeld, DC? Really? Also, Supergirl’s costume is apparently more practical and proper without the short skirt. And she’s not fond of Earthlings. It adds an interesting element to her personality but ultimately, she sounds like a total b-word.


Suicide SquadIf I have a DC reboot pull list, this is it. These are the #1 issues I’m excited about and if I have the dough to spend, I’ll blow it all on these comics.

  • Action Comics #1
  • Aquaman #1
  • Batwoman #1
  • Birds of Prey #1
  • DC Universe Presents #1
  • Demon Knights #1
  • Green Lantern #1
  • Green Lantern Corps #1
  • Green Lantern: The New Guardians #1
  • Grifter #1
  • Justice League #1
  • Justice League Dark #1
  • Justice League International #1
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #1
  • Red Lanterns #1
  • Resurrection Man #1
  • Stormwatch #1
  • Suicide Squad #1
  • Voodoo #1
  • Wonder Woman #1

Seeing Voodoo, Grifter and Stormwatch dicking around in the main DCU should be interesting. Basically, the characters and the creators in these books draw me to them, particularly Azzarello on Wonder Woman, Johns on Aquaman, Morrison on Superman (Action Comics) and Cornell on Stormwatch and Demon Knights. MEDIEVAL SUPERHEROES, YOU GUYS!


I, VampireI hate these things. “Hate” is a strong word but whatever.

  • Batgirl #1
  • Batman #1
  • Batman & Robin #1
  • Batman: The Dark Knight #1
  • Batwing #1
  • Detective Comics #1
  • Fury of Firestorm #1
  • I, Vampire #1
  • Nightwing #1

Don’t get me wrong. I love me some Batman and Bat-friends, but I’m a big fan of the current status quo. I’m a fan of Dick and Damian as Batman & Robin. I’m a fan of Stephanie Brown as Batgirl. I’m a fan of Babs as Oracle. I’m not afraid of change but in the case of this DC reboot, I fear and hate it. FUCK YOU, CHANGE! Also, I hate Firestorm for no apparent reason. So fuck you too, Firestorm. And let it be known that in comics, I only love Marvel vampires. Marvel Dracula is the shit, yo.


The FlashAnd here’s the rest of ’em.

  • All-Star Western #1
  • Animal Man #1
  • Blackhawks #1
  • Blue Beetle #1
  • Captain Atom #1
  • Catwoman #1
  • Deathstroke #1
  • The Flash #1
  • Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE #1
  • Green Arrow #1
  • Legion Lost #1
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #1
  • OMAC #1
  • Mister Terrific #1
  • The Savage Hawkman #1
  • Sgt. Rock and the Men of War #1
  • Static Shock #1
  • Superboy #1
  • Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #1
  • Swamp Thing #1

I’m a Marvel guy so when DC announced this reboot — apparently designed to bring in new readers — I was excited at the prospect of discovering what this universe has to offer beyond the few properties that I already love like the Bat characters, the Justice Society, the Secret Six and the Super characters. Looking at this list just disappoints me because there are no Justice Society and Secret Six books. Plus, most of these books don’t really grab me by the ears.

A lot of these new books are fascinating, yes. However, I don’t see a lot of them attracting new readers beyond their first issue. Unless they’re really, really, really awesome. This whole DC reboot business is not guaranteed to bring in new fans but it is definitely in the position to alienate a lot of the old ones. It could essentially blow up in DC’s face and we’ll never hear the end of it from drama-powered comic book blogs on Tumblr. You put wings on their beloved Tim Drake, DC. Now you shall pay.



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  2. Thank you. I like Stephanie as Batgirl. What will happen to Stephanie? If Barbara is Batgirl again, who will be Oracle? Will she still know Eskrima?

    Mind. cannot. handle. change.

    No Blue Beetle? Hahaha. I mostly agree with your pull and meh lists however I am curious to see the new Swamp Thing and Green Arrow. He's eco-friendly!

  3. @Teluete: She has the worst redesign outside the Teen Titans.

    @Vanessa: I read somewhere that Gail Simone is planning to use Steph somewhere down the line. I hope it's soon. I guess I'll check out Blue Beetle and Swamp Thing too, but I'm not really that excited about it. I hope they're both awesome, though.

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  8. After reading several of the new books I am inclined to let DC run with the new storylines. Stormwatch looks like a total reboot. Action is focussing on Clark before he really made it as a reporter, sort of a continuation of “Superman:Earth One.” Swamp Thing has my interest also. Green Arrow is also a total reboot.

    Give ’em a chance, I say.

    1. Oh yes, I am. I haven't read all of the new books this week but so far, Action, Detective, Animal Man and Men of War have satisfied me. JLI was fun too.

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