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DC Comics Reboot Questions

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Ah, yes. The great DC Comics Reboot of 2011. It’s been the talk of the comics Internet town for the last couple of days and there’s a multiverse of questions waiting to be answered. The entire line of DC comic books is going to be relaunched in September with all-new #1 issues — 52 in total. I doubt all the questions of fans, retailers, creators and other publishers will be answered immediately, but it wouldn’t hurt if I wonder out loud. Let’s begin with the most important question in my mind right now.

What will happen to Supergirl’s cute little skirt?

An editorial edict will force female superheroes to wear more practical clothing. I for one believe that if you are as powerful as Supergirl, you can wear whatever you want! Especially if you’re young! Fuck the police! Amirite, ladies?! GIRL POWER!

Will Atrocitus still vomit napalm?

Man, I love this Atrocitus guy. Actually, I love the whole multi-colored lanterns idea. I’m hoping the colorful characters that came out of the Green Lantern books in the last few years will stick around because they are a fun bunch.

Who’s Batman?

It’s easy to assume that when the universe is rebooted, Bruce Wayne will be wearing the cowl. But who is Batman? Will he still be the orphaned boy who trained himself to be the world’s greatest detective dressed up as a giant bat? Probably. Will he still recruit teenage boys and girls to help him fight crime? Will there be a Robin? If yes, who’s going to wear the domino mask? You know what, with the sales success of current Bat-books, I doubt we’ll see drastic changes in the world of the Bat. Well, maybe a few.

The “new” Batgirl is Babs. What’s going to happen to Steph?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited to see Barbara Gordon donning the Batgirl suit again but Stephanie Brown has just found a warm place in my heart. Now this whole DC Comics reboot thing will probably strip her away from us. And let’s not get into a Gail Simone-less Birds of Prey book. That’s not fair! I hate you, DC! I hate you! Sorry, I’m spending way too much time on Tumblr.

Will there still be old dudes in the Justice Society?

A more scary question would be will there still be a Justice Society at all? Because really, the whole vibe of this reboot is all about being new and fresh and young. The concept of the Justice Society which is rooted in legacy might not fit in this new direction. They will probably still be a part of the new universe and they may even star in one of those 52 new #1 issues but as a fan of this team, I’m worried that they will not have the same appeal and gravitas.

What’s going to happen to the Multiverse?

The DC Multiverse — the one they dumped back in Crisis on Infinite Earths — hasn’t really been explored since it was recreated at the end of Infinite Crisis. Will the end of Flashpoint cause the Multiverse to collapse into a single universe again or will it rewrite the histories of all the 52 Earths? Or maybe everybody in the main DC universe — New Earth — dies at the end of Flashpoint so we’ll have no choice but to focus our attention on another universe called “Earth WTF”?

Well guess what, DC Comics reboot. I may be more excited than worried about this whole thing, but ultimately, I really don’t care. MARVEL RULES SUCKAZ!

EDIT: They don’t want us to call it a “reboot”. Tss. Whatevs.



  1. Yeah, I haven't really paid any attention to the talked about reboot. But this could be a nice jumping on point for non-DC fans like me.

  2. I don't know what to think about this reboot. I'm excited because the DC nUniverse might be more accessible to new readers like me. But I also dread to think of what will happen to the Batman mythos. I can't think of a Batman without Damien Wayne. I also hate DC for cutting Gail from Birds of Prey. I don't know if Scott Snyder will continue to write Detective Comics. So that leaves me worried too.

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