Covers Carnival #3: The Punisher

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Punisher: War Zone is now in theaters and I think it’s a good idea to remind everyone how bad ass Frank Castle is. I shall do that right now with the help of 8 bad ass covers from The Punisher, Frank’s ongoing series from the late 80’s.

He is so bad ass, he picks fights with bears just because.

The Punisher vs. a bear

He is so bad ass, he kicks criminals’ balls while they’re falling to their certain deaths.

He is so bad ass, his pupils turn into little red skulls especially when he’s in the jungle.

He is so bad ass, he starts maternity wars in which he shoots people while he’s carrying babies.

He is so bad ass, he doesn’t use usual modes of transportation.

He is so bad ass, he punishes people who don’t tip.

He is so bad ass, he sometimes dresses up as a vigilant walking tank.

He is so bad ass, he hangs around fire exits while waiting for unsuspecting criminals to come near a window, after which he’ll shoot them with a bazooka. IN THE FACE.

Now you know. You’re welcome.

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