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Comicx Hub Is Now Open And Ready To Rip A Hole In My Wallet

Gino Carteciano Internet 2 Comments

One of the things that I’ve always hoped for was an honest-to-goodness online store for comics and collectibles based in the Philippines. I know there are already several existing online stores here that offer comics and collectibles, but none of them are as focused on this niche as the newly opened Comicx Hub.

Comicx Hub

The store boasts the largest online inventory of comics, toys and collectibles in the Philippines. They accept payment through several ways like PayPal, which is my preferred payment option. They also offer free shipping — with some conditions, of course — that cover the entire country. It’s everything that I have ever hoped for. It’s convenient and from browsing some of the items on the site, I have to say their prices are very attractive. And that’s why I fear for my proverbial wallet.

I have yet to purchase anything from them and I still have to explore the depth of their inventory before I can give a proper assessment of their service. But you can bet your ass that I’m one boring night away from ordering a bunch of back issues or a couple of trades from Comicx Hub. I don’t buy a lot of single issues these days because going to the nearest comic book store is too much work, but I see myself buying stuff from this site regularly. I’m particularly interested in buying, of all things, long boxes from them. Also, action figures and new comics. I need to organize my pull list! I’m getting way too excited for this online store.

Comicx Hub - The Great Comics Giveaway

Checking out their stuff is not the only reason why I’ve been lurking around their site. I answered their survey a few days ago to get a chance to win gift certificates. Comicx Hub’s The Great Comics Giveaway aims to give away Php3,000 worth of gift certificates every week from September 1st to November 26th, 2011. If you want to get in on the action, read the full mechanics first before answering the survey. Php3,000 is a lot of comics, you guys. Even if you’re not into comics, you should still enter the contest. If you win, you can give it to one of your comic book geek friends. Or maybe, I don’t know, you can give it to me. My birthday’s coming up in a few weeks. I’m just saying.

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  1. have you tried to order any comics from them? this maybe is off topic but is it just me or that sometimes most of the shops i go to have (most -sadly sometimes the good ones) their comics with damaged spine corners?.. i understand that they are handled by shipping and all but.. is there any way around those? are there any guarantees from certain shops, or it really is hoping for the best?..

    1. I have a couple of books in my cart and I'm going to checkout in the next few days and I plan on picking them up at their warehouse.

      As for the damaged spines and corners, it's not you. I've also experienced getting books with damaged corners and spines. I guess we just have to hope for the best. I understand Comicx Hub lets you know the condition of the items you're going to purchase so at least you won't be surprised when you buy stuff.

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