Comics Publisher Website 404 Error Pages

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Comics are fun and colorful, so you’d expect the 404 error pages of comics publisher websites to be a little more interesting than most error pages. That’s not the case, though.

I followed a link from my feed reader to Marvel’s website and it turns out it was broken. I didn’t mind because I saw a familiar face from Peter Milligan’s run on X-Force: Doop!

Marvel Comics 404 Error Page

Because I have the heart of a super investigative blogger, I naturally felt the urge to check out the 404 error pages of other comics publisher websites. Is it necessary for you to know what these pages look like? No. Will I still show them to you? Yes. Why? I don’t know. All I know is not all of them have that certain oomph that Marvel’s 404 error page has.

IDW Publishing 404 Error Page

IDW Publishing

Image Comics 404 Error Page

Image Comics

Of course they still look nice because they use their respective design templates, but this does not always work for everyone. I’m looking at you, Archie Comics.

Archie Comics 404 Error Page

I’m guessing they have no system in place to handle non-existent pages. That’s why these navigation menu and footer template elements appear in such an ugly way. Fortunately, I did find other interesting comics publisher website 404 pages.

Avatar Press 404 Error Page

Avatar Press

Bongo Comics 404 Error Page

Bongo Comics

Dark Horse Comics 404 Error Page

Dark Horse Comics

Avatar Press uses text and a corny surfing-related message to let users know that they wiped out. Still, there’s effort and you have to admire that. Dark Horse uses an overused Star Wars reference but it’s still pretty hilarious. Bongo Comics just straight up offers the good ol’ 404 error message but they do it with style and an upset Homer Simpson. I wish they’d make Homer say something funny, though.

I took a peek at several other comics publisher websites and most of them have error pages similar to those of IDW Publishing and Image Comics. Most of them are dull but none is as disappointing as the error page of DC Comics.

DC Comics 404 Error Page

Come on, DC. You can do way better than that.

I hope you enjoyed this pretty useless blog post. If it’s still not useless enough for you, let me show you what I have on my 404 error page:




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