Comics News Roundup 08.17.07

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ITEM! Millar and Hitch become fantastic! The duo that rocked everyone’s faces with The Ultimates will do their magic in the main Marvel Universe when they take over “Fantastic Four” in 2008. Let’s all pray to whatever god we pray to that they’ll deliver the comics on time.

ITEM! Alex Ross returns to Marvel! I’m not his biggest fan, but I enjoyed his and Jim Kreuger’s awesome Earth X, Universe X, and Paradise X immensely. So yeah, I’m definitely on board for Avengers/Invaders. Also, check out the teaser image. Is his… is his ass on fire?!

ITEM! Laura Hudson is awesome! Old news for me, but I just want to echo it.

ITEM! Marvel and Dabel Brothers go their separate ways! Marvel will retain licenses on Dabel Brothers properties. Additionally, they promise to keep in touch and still be friends.

ITEM! Supergirl gets a new creative team! Just when I’m happy with Bedard and Guedes handling the book. Bah.

ITEM! Watchmen movie website relaunched… again! This time with a production blog by director Zack Snyder and the release date of March 6th, 2009. “03.06.09”. Dun dun dunnn!!!

ITEM! U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy joins the cast of Dark Knight! The senator landed a role in a scene with Christian Bale and Heath Ledger. Rumors say he’s playing the role of Harley Quinn. Rumor source: my balls.

Item. On a somber note, Mike Wieringo passes away. I’ve always enjoyed his clean and dynamic art style. The last Wieringo work I’ve read was Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Ham, and I loved it. I wish I could’ve seen more. God bless, Mike.

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