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My Collecticon 2014 Haul, Let Me Show You It

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Collecticon 2014

The last time I went to a convention was back in Komikon 2012, so going to Collecticon, my first toys and collectibles convention, was a little jarring. I’m not particularly fond of large groups of people in a confined space, you see, so that’s why this is only my second convention ever. I always come up with excuses not to go and exchange sweat with hundreds of people in a small area littered with bargain bins of comics and loose action figures. But this time, the allure of a convention exclusive Funko Pop! Doctor Doom vinyl figure was just too strong.

Collecticon Haul

Collecticon 2014 was held at Megatrade Hall 3, SM Megamall over the weekend. I woke up early on a Saturday, drove for an hour, and almost ran over a goat — A GOAT! —  just to get my hands on a metallic Doctor Doom vinyl figure. I just started to take my Funko Pop! collection seriously and it was my birthday weekend, so it was the perfect time to splurge on something useless but really pretty and so precioussss. I know I already have a regular Doom but dammit, this one’s shiny!

I was one of the first few attendees but the hall filled up quickly during the first half an hour. There was enough room for me to saunter along the booths when I began checking out the vendors but as I finished my first lap, I was already trying to squeeze through people to avoid getting crushed. I did a couple more laps around Megatrade Hall 3 just to make sure I’ve seen everything and then I went to the Big Boys Toy Store booth to pick up their loot bag which contained the exclusive Doom figure plus an Iron Patriot bobble-head, a set of The Walking Dead mini wacky wobblers, and 2 random Funko Pops, which in my case are Jiminy Cricket and Jeremy Lin.

Collecticon - Funko

DOOM is too good for your inferior out-of-the-box atmosphere!

I didn’t get to take photos of the different Pops for sale as well as the crazy rare ones on display over at the Funko Pop! Funatics Philippines booth. I guess I’m still not that into it? I don’t see myself buying all the Pops I could find but eh, there’s a bunch of cool ones out there that should keep me busy for a very long time.

Before I left, I also chanced upon a booth where some ladies were just setting their stuff up. I saw they were bringing out a bunch of not-LEGO figures and I had some cash to spare, so I bought four 6-packs because why not? And here they are:

Collecticon - BootLEGO Army

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. The vendors were polite, the attendees were not rowdy, and the whole thing was neatly organized. Of course I was only there for the first hour of the 2-day Collecticon 2014 convention, so I can’t really say it was as pleasant for the crowd who came later as it was for me. It was a good enough experience to warrant another casual visit next year.

Now here are more horrible photos just because:


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