The Flash

5 Things About ‘The Flash’ Trailer

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If you haven’t seen the full trailer of The CW’s The Flash, watch it now. WATCH IT! Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve been skeptical about this Arrow spin-off since I’m not sure honest-to-goodness costumed super-powered superheroes would work on TV. In movies, they’re spectacular. On TV, NOPE. But this trailer makes the show look amazing and I’m hoping it really is. I’m not …

The Playboy Club - Pilot

6 Amber Heard GIFs From The Playboy Club Pilot

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Among all the new shows from the Fall TV season line up, The Playboy Club was the one I anticipated the most. I’ve been reading a lot of comparisons between this show and Showgirls and Mad Men, a movie and a TV show that are both very close to my heart. That’s why I expected a lot of cat fighting, sex and …

WWE Night of Champions 2011 - Mark Henry

Short Spoilers for WWE Night of Champions 2011

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I still think that Money in the Bank is the best 2011 WWE PPV so far but WWE Night of Champions 2011 has its amusing moments. It was slightly disappointing mostly because some matches had unsatisfying endings while others just didn’t have impact. If you still haven’t seen it and you can’t wait for the replay, here be spoilers. Air Boom v. …

Gordon Ramsay

How To Be On Hell’s Kitchen

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My current TV show obsession is Hell’s Kitchen US. After seeing the last part of Hell’s Kitchen Season 7, I was hooked. It’s not about the food because really, most of the time, the food that comes out of a challenge looks like crap. The meat of the show is the service segment where chefs and cooks try to please …

It's still real to me, damnit!

5 Things That Are As Fake As Pro Wrestling

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I just saw WWE Summerslam 2011 and its ridiculous ending. I call it ridiculous and I want you all to know that it’s a compliment. I’ve been a fan of pro wrestling since I was a kid and I’ve always known that it was scripted. This is why when people say that it’s fake, I just go NO SHIT, SHERLOCK. …