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A True Mean Girl Story

Gino Carteciano Journal, Mean Girls Week 26 Comments

To end Mean Girls Week, I think it’s appropriate if I share a mean girl story. A story plucked from my own retarded high school past. It’s not a story about skanky bitches calling everybody “sluts” and “whores”. It’s about high school drama, angst, and awkward silences. It’s about me being in jail with a girl named Vanessa. I went …

suck it

Are You a Mean Girl?

Gino Carteciano Mean Girls Week, Movies 6 Comments

You may think only teen girls can be mean girls, but you’re wrong. There are different kinds of mean girls. There are ultra hot mean girls, fat whore mean girls, boy mean girls, gay mean girls, old mean girls, Eastern European dictator mean girls, ancient Egyptian demon reborn in the modern day world as a dentist mean girls, etc. Anybody …

so fetch

What if “So Fetch!” Happened?

Gino Carteciano Mean Girls Week, Movies 11 Comments

Gretchen: That is so fetch! Regina: Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s not going to happen! Gretchen, Regina’s right hand bitch, tried to make “So fetch!” happen. She really did. But alas, it did not. Queen bee Regina’s antagonism didn’t help. But what if it did happen? This being Mean Girls Week, I feel that it’s my duty …