One Tree Hill

100 Songs to Save Your Life

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Music always helps, no matter what you’re going through. So, if you flunk a big test, or you had a really bad breakup, or you just miss someone so bad, it hurts, then listen to my playlist. A hundred songs to save your life. And it should help. – Peyton Sawyer, “One Tree Hill” Dear Future Offspring, First of all, …

beastie boys

Marvelous Music Meme

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It’s a sucky start of the work week for me and I feel like a big bag of GROUCHY. I have this urge to give people RKO’s and kicks to the head, thanks to morning traffic, busted elevators, unresponsive people, and regular Internet douchebags and stoopids. Also, my current obsession with Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 for the PS2, a game …


The Eraserheads: Crossing Paths with Titans

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Everybody’s talking about the Eraserheads these days. Hardcore fans. Posers. New media. Old media. All because of their reunion concert. This reminded me of how rabid a fan I was back in the 90’s and how casual an observer I am now. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the hell out of them and their music. I just loved …

Splintr: Taking Local Indie Bands to the People

Gino Carteciano Music 6 Comments is designed to be the hub for music lovers that showcases music and videos of local independent bands. It is a hip place for fans to see their favorite bands perform both live & in practice sessions. All videos are produced by Splintr which uses professional camera crews to film bands at gigs and during special “Sessions” (soon to …

Le Disko!

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I’ve been seeing this RAZR 2 ad a lot lately and I fucken’ love it. Capoeira Fu Chick is so fine. And the song, “Le Disko” by Shiny Toy Guns, is sexy. That is all.