Petron Avengers Tumblers Unboxed

Petron Avengers: Assembled!

Gino Carteciano Movies 42 Comments

Last week, I got Thor and Hulk tumblers from Petron. Yesterday, thanks to my awesome girlfriend, I got Captain America and Iron Man. My Petron Avengers tumbler collection is now complete! If you want to get these Petron Avengers tumblers too, you’ll have to shell out at least Php1,000 for gas at any Petron gas station, plus Php60 for each …


Stubby Movie Review: Chronicle

Gino Carteciano Movies, Stubby Movie Reviews 2 Comments

For people who are used to reading stories about people getting superpowers from strange objects that crash landed on Earth like me, Chronicle only offers the “found footage” approach as something new. In some instances, the “found footage” element totally feels forced and unnecessary. However, it does add some level of awe to scenes were the kids are using their …