Banchetto Megatent Pros and Cons

Gino Carteciano Journal 13 Comments

There are only 3 things in the world right now that move me to tears — my girlfriend’s pretty face, that Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who, and Banchetto. I almost cried manly tears when it left Emerald Avenue with an uncertain future ahead of it. And it almost made me cry again when it came back with a vengeance. …


A Very Baddie Thanksgiving 2010

Gino Carteciano Journal 5 Comments

Well, I’m definitely not thankful for my knack for coming up with the dumbest blog entry titles ever. And for that, I apologize. This blog entry isn’t for apologies, though. This blog entry is reserved for the things I am thankful for. I know we don’t really do Thanksgiving here in the Philippines, but I’m a citizen of the Internet …