This Blog Skipped 2016 And It’s OK

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Hello! I don’t know if you noticed but the last entry on this blog was posted December 29, 2015. I completely missed out on 2016. Sorry for that — or you’re welcome, if you didn’t want this site to come alive again. Since I missed writing about things in 2016, here’s a quick list of some of the things that …


Update Like A Collectiboss

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I hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays! This is my first and only post for 2015. Hooray? I’m just here to let you guys know that I’m still alive and this blog is too. You know, just in case you’re keeping a Bloggers Who Still Blog Because They’re Still Holding On To The Idea That Blogging Is Still Relevant In 2015 …

Funko Pop! Weeping Angel - Holidays

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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Hey, everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays! I just want to thank all the collectors who purchased stuff from Collectiboss, especially those who spent some time talking to me about Pops and this hobby that has brought the passion for toy collecting in Filipinos to new heights. Conversations about the hobby you love with the people who share …

Don't take my poooop!

The Day an Office Toilet Stole My Excrement

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This is a story I’m compelled to share. This is a tragic tale of failure that needs to be passed on from generation to generation. This is a harrowing narrative of how an automatic flushing office toilet robbed me of my stool sample. Gather ’round, gang! Here’s a story about poop! The company I’m working for scheduled our annual physical examination on …

Doom and Vinyl Doom

The Vinyl Bobble-Head of DOOM!

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That, my dear doctor, is my new Funko POP! Dr. Doom Vinyl Bobble-Head that I ordered from Comicx Hub. I’ve been a very good boy, see. I haven’t missed a single day of work for the last 6 months (that’s some sort of record) so I thought of giving myself a reward. You know, for acting like a responsible professional …