Don't take my poooop!

The Day an Office Toilet Stole My Excrement

Gino Carteciano Journal 2 Comments

This is a story I’m compelled to share. This is a tragic tale of failure that needs to be passed on from generation to generation. This is a harrowing narrative of how an automatic flushing office toilet robbed me of my stool sample. Gather ’round, gang! Here’s a story about poop! The company I’m working for scheduled our annual physical examination on …

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A True Mean Girl Story

Gino Carteciano Journal, Mean Girls Week 26 Comments

To end Mean Girls Week, I think it’s appropriate if I share a mean girl story. A story plucked from my own retarded high school past. It’s not a story about skanky bitches calling everybody “sluts” and “whores”. It’s about high school drama, angst, and awkward silences. It’s about me being in jail with a girl named Vanessa. I went …

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eLBi Life: An Article I Stole from Myself

Gino Carteciano Journal 16 Comments

I don’t think that blurb makes sense either. Sorry? Writer’s block is still kicking my ass, so I’m resorting to stealing now. Well, not exactly stealing. See, I’m going to repost something I wrote 4 years ago. Something I submitted to the editors of Peyups. Something they published, hence something I draw great pride from. This is eLBi Life, my …



Gino Carteciano Journal 4 Comments

UPDATE (11/02/2017): This was my very first post here on While I’ve already discarded most of my early posts, I’m keeping this one — no matter how cringe-worthy it is — for posterity. I’m sorry. I’m back in the strange and sick world of the Blogosphere. I’ve been blogless (new word!) for a month now. This is not the …