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Baddie Bookmarks #3 of 5: Blogosphere

Gino Carteciano Internet 3 Comments

Baddie Bookmarks, my series of posts that documents my web surfing habits, won’t be complete if I don’t talk about the blogs I regularly visit. Most of those blogs are being authored by Filipinos, but there are sprinkles of foreign blogger blood in my feed reader too. The Man Blog and the individual blogs of its resident retards: rising Internet …



Gino Carteciano Internet 2 Comments

Admit it, we’ve all made huge mistakes in the past. There were things we’ve done that we wish we have never even thought of doing. There were evil moments that we wish didn’t come to pass. We all have life bloopers that we don’t want to be included in our biographical DVD. What, you’re not planning on making a biographical …



Gino Carteciano Internet 3 Comments

I always wanted to start something unique, special, and awesome online. My blogs are nowhere near unique or special, and I’m the only one who thinks they’re special. Same goes for the UPLB online community website. Well, I do think that some people think it’s special, but that’s my ego talking. Now I’m just striving for something cool and kickass. …