Twitter vs. Plurk

Twitter vs. Plurk

Gino Carteciano Internet 13 Comments

Remember when we were all on Twitter, dumping our thoughts and ideas 140 characters at a time and having the time of our Internet lives? No? Well I do. That’s why I’m currently marveling at the war raging on for microblogging supremacy in the Filipino community. Well, in my mind at least. Whose side are you on? I find it …

I Love the Internet SO HARD

Gino Carteciano Internet 5 Comments

Love Month is almost over and I just realized “How can I talk about Love without talking about the Internet?!” I mean, the Internet is not only the source of unlimited information and porn, but it’s also the wellspring of happiness, and that’s what we’re all looking for, right? Every time I feel miserable, I look for friends who I …

plurk doom!

Plurk Theme: DOOM!

Gino Carteciano Internet 7 Comments

Ever since Plurk gave plurkers (with karma over 25) the ability to customize their profiles with some CSS sorcery, I promised myself I’ll get into the action just because. And now, I’ve finally joined the fray. Behold! My first Plurk customized theme that I’d like to call DOOM! (for obvious reasons). Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the screenshots.


A Plurker’s Manifesto

Gino Carteciano Internet 24 Comments

I’ve noticed that Plurk is slowly pulling in some of my non-Internet friends and acquaintances. A sign of increasing popularity in the Philippines, perhaps? If so, I guess it’s time for me to shove a blog post about Plurk down your throats. I’ve been a plurker for more than a month now, and by Blogosphere Law, that means I can …

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Site Pimping and Social Networking

Gino Carteciano Internet 11 Comments

Scientists say that 7% of the Internets is all about asshattery and dickery, while 3% is serious business. The remaining 90% is porn. I can attest to the porn number, and this blog more or less falls under the Asshattery & Dickery category. For the serious business side of the Internets, though, I have the perfect examples. I know this …