I Love the Internet SO HARD

Gino Carteciano Internet 5 Comments

Love Month is almost over and I just realized “How can I talk about Love without talking about the Internet?!” I mean, the Internet is not only the source of unlimited information and porn, but it’s also the wellspring of happiness, and that’s what we’re all looking for, right? Every time I feel miserable, I look for friends who I …

plurk doom!

Plurk Theme: DOOM!

Gino Carteciano Internet 7 Comments

Ever since Plurk gave plurkers (with karma over 25) the ability to customize their profiles with some CSS sorcery, I promised myself I’ll get into the action just because. And now, I’ve finally joined the fray. Behold! My first Plurk customized theme that I’d like to call DOOM! (for obvious reasons). Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the screenshots.


Splintr: Taking Local Indie Bands to the People

Gino Carteciano Internet 6 Comments

Splintr.com is designed to be the hub for music lovers that showcases music and videos of local independent bands. It is a hip place for fans to see their favorite bands perform both live & in practice sessions. All videos are produced by Splintr which uses professional camera crews to film bands at gigs and during special “Sessions” (soon to …

Facebook Dickery: Graffiti App

Gino Carteciano Internet 10 Comments

Last time, I talked about Facebook’s Photos application that lets you upload an unlimited number of photos. Sure, it’s a lot of fun to share photos of you naked in the crapper while puffing smoke, but there’s one Facebook app that let’s you create compelling images by hand: the Graffiti app. The concept is simple and very appealing: Draw on …