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5 Sexiest Sam Pinto Twitter Photos

Gino Carteciano General Dickery 1 Comment

Don’t you love it when celebrities post personal photos on Twitter? They just make it easier for you to stalk them. Did I say stalk? I meant admire. They make it easier for you to admire them. One of my favorite celebrities is Sam Pinto and I thank the Internet gods for giving me access to her photos beyond what …

GetGlue Sticker - TARDIS

GetGlue Sticker Rejects

Gino Carteciano General Dickery 6 Comments

I currently have 561 stickers in my GetGlue sticker collection. I have to admit, I unlocked most of them without actually watching a certain movie or TV show or getting excited about an artist going on tour. There’s just something about getting free stickers within a few clicks that makes me feel good. What’s more exhilarating is when you unlock …