Official Statement from Satan

To Play DotA Online Is To Play with Hellfire!

Gino Carteciano General Dickery 4 Comments

The abundance of idiots on the Internet always amazes me. There are people who fall for the antics of The Onion and there are people who actually call shenanigans on me when I say that I can control fire. That old blog entry still gives me the giggles whenever new comments are posted. However, no entry on this blog can …

GetGlue Sticker - TARDIS

GetGlue Sticker Rejects

Gino Carteciano General Dickery 6 Comments

I currently have 561 stickers in my GetGlue sticker collection. I have to admit, I unlocked most of them without actually watching a certain movie or TV show or getting excited about an artist going on tour. There’s just something about getting free stickers within a few clicks that makes me feel good. What’s more exhilarating is when you unlock …