The Truth About Warcraft III: Defense of the Ancients


So I was just minding my own business stalking hot chicks on Friendster, right? After viewing hot bikini photos and taking mental pictures (to be “mentally Photoshopped” later), I checked out the bulletin board to see if I can find incriminating and juicy facts about my friends who answer stupid “surveys”. My mind wasn’t ready for what was about to …


Welcome to The Kingdom of Loathing!

The Kingdom of Loathing - Mountains

Several hours to go before I get off work. Problem is there’s no work to be done. I’m bored. I’m tired of going to the smoking area to smoke because of the non-smokers who stay there and give me menacing stares. Jerks. I’ve visited all interesting websites and blogs I know of (that are non-porn in nature), and I’m too …