Comicx Hub - Gerry Alanguilan and Maggie

The Day I Met Gerry Alanguilan and the X-Men

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I don’t believe I’ve ever been completely starstruck until I went to Comicx Hub’s signing event a couple of days ago. Mico Suayan and Gerry Alanguilan were there. As much as I admire Suayan’s work, it was Mr. Alanguilan who almost made me cream my pants. He’s a living legend in both American and Filipino comics so it’s an honor …

Comicx Hub Signing Event - Mico Suayan and Gerry Alanguilan

The First Ever Comicx Hub Signing Event Featuring Mico Suayan and Gerry Alanguilan

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I keep missing out on Comicx Hub’s special promos and warehouse events and I think it’s time I get a piece of that action. I’m planning to not miss the country’s largest online shopping website for comics, toys and collectibles’ first ever signing event featuring two of the country’s most well known comic book artists, Mico Suayan and Gerry Alanguilan.

Attraction! Reaction! Presents: The Strangeness' Jesus Camp EP Launch

The Strangeness – Jesus Camp EP Launch

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Almost 2 years ago (I think), I met a bunch of mofos from the Internet. Next thing I knew, I was single-handedly cheering them on during their very first gig as The Strangeness. And by “cheering them on” I mean “screaming YOU SUCK! at them to hurt their feelings for no apparent reason whatsoever”. And now, not shockingly because they’re …

Say No To Plastic Bags

Banchetto Goes Green

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Banchetto is going green. Not with envy, though. Starting August 15th, a No Plastic Bags policy will be implemented at Banchetto sites Libis, Forum and Megatent. As a fan of paper bags and stuffing one’s face with food, this is cause for celebration for me. I know it’s funny that a guy who smokes a lot deems himself a strong …