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Perfect Timing, Castle Geek Pull List Service!

Gino Carteciano Events 1 Comment

A few years ago, I maintained a pull list with two comic shops. Every week, I went to whichever shop was more convenient for me at the time and spent about 1,000 PHP on average. That’s about 25 USD a week. I decided it was too expensive for me — and by that I mean I needed more beer money …

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Win Game of Thrones Swag at Komikon 2013

Gino Carteciano Events 0 Comments

We’re two episodes into the third season of this little show called Game of Thrones and naturally, everyone and their dragons are excited. We just can’t get enough of boobs and blood and all kinds of political shenanigans. It’s probably safe to say that if there’s somehow a way for you to win some awesome Game of Thrones swag like …

Axe Anarchy Island - Sexy Saves Boracay

Save Boracay! Sexily.

Gino Carteciano Events 4 Comments

I’ve never been to Boracay but I can tell from my friends’ Facebook *~bOrA~* pics that there’s a lot of shenanigans going on over there. Sexy shenanigans. Unfortunately, that’s not the only kind of questionable act you can find on that island. Dickbags leave garbage in paradise, you guys, and it needs to stop. There are four things you can …