My Birthday Wish List

My birthday is tomorrow, September 29th. I don’t really feel like celebrating it because, if you haven’t heard, we’re in a state of calamity right now because of Tropical Storm Ketsana (Ondoy). I’m writing this wish list as an appeal to you, my readers. I know there’s not a lot of you, but I know there’s enough of you out …


Cory Aquino: Icon of Democracy

Corazon Aquino: Icon of Democracy

Please allow me this short blog entry so I can pay my respects to the former Philippine president, Cory Aquino. This is what I really see her as. She’s not just an old woman who wears yellow a lot. She was a symbol of peace, truth and hope. She was a beacon of faith. She was a mother to a …


Breaking News: Hello Kitty Watches the Watchmen

hello kitty

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who watches the watchmen? Who guards the guardians? Who polices the police? Hello Kitty, that’s who! From BBC News: Police chiefs in the Thai capital, Bangkok, have come up with a new way of punishing officers who break the rules – an eye-catching Hello Kitty armband. The armband is large, bright pink and has a Hello …