Picking My Next President

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In less than a week, the Philippines will pick a new president. We’ll be choosing a leader who we’ll be stuck with for the next 6 long years, that is if we don’t People Power their ass out of Malacañang or something. The future of the Philippines will be decided in a few days and I still haven’t made up …

My Birthday Wish List

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My birthday is tomorrow, September 29th. I don’t really feel like celebrating it because, if you haven’t heard, we’re in a state of calamity right now because of Tropical Storm Ketsana (Ondoy). I’m writing this wish list as an appeal to you, my readers. I know there’s not a lot of you, but I know there’s enough of you out …

Baddie on Hillary

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I don’t really care about what’s happening in the U.S. with the elections and all, but people, I’m rooting for Hillary. Yeah. You got that right. I have no idea what her platform is, but I’m rooting for her. Actually, I’m rooting for all the Hillarys of the world. All hail the Hillarys!

Antonio Trillanes

The Cautionary Tale of Trillanes and the Tank

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One quiet morning in the land of Makati A truly wonderful day for all The boy Trillanes was under trial for a coup attempt Everyone remembers the stand-off at the mall Trillanes decided it was no fun Several of his friends agreed, they be so sweet Together they left the Hall of Justice To march freely along the Makati streets