Know Your Comic Book Characters with Dr. Doom #2: Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer and Galactus vs. Fantastic Four

Greetings, peons! It is I, Dr. Victor Von Doom, welcoming you again to this magnificent series where Doom lectures you simpletons on different comic book characters as only Doom can. Let it be known that all you shall read in this “blog post” is the truth, because although Doom is capable of anything, Doom does not lie! For this second …


X-23: Target X #6

X-23 - Target X

I picked up the X-23: Target X mini-series for 2 reasons: 1.) the art looks top notch, and 2.) I’ve always wanted to know what the deal is with this Wolverine clone, Laura (a.k.a. X-23). I saw her first appearance on X-Men: Evolution and I immediately found her interesting. Yes, the character made her debut on the animated series, like …


Know Your Comic Book Characters with Dr. Doom #1: Spider-Man

Spider-Man Sexy Time

Greetings, peons! I, Victor Von Doom, welcome you to this first installment of this grand series Doom would like to call “Know Your Comic Book Characters with Dr. Doom”. Although Doom finds this thing you call “blogging” pitiful, Doom sees that it is essential for you lowlifes to be acquainted with your comic book characters. Why? Because Doom decrees it …