Civil War

2006 Awesome List

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Like I said on my other blog, 2006 was the year when reading comic books became an addiction for me. The year when I began to love Wednesdays (in my case, since I’m here in the Philippines, it’s Thursdays since new books arrive here in the afternoon or evening of Thursdays). And since the year’s over, I’d like to make …


Love & War

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For a week that features several Civil War tie-ins, “war” is not very apparent with my comic book geek life this week. Apart from the lovefest inside the comics I read this week (more on that later), I also joined the brand new social networking site for comic book fans. I’m talking about ComicSpace. It’s far from being a clone …

Neil Gaiman - Book of Dreams

Of Books and Dreams

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Last year, around the holiday season, I was totally on a Neil Gaiman fixation. I was always lurking around Powerbooks in Alabang to look for everything Gaiman. I started with Endless Nights, which is a kickass graphic novel, and then I moved on to his prose. I devoured Good Omens (co-written by Terry Pratchett) and Stardust in a couple of …

Ultimate Avengers The Movie

Ultimate DVDs

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I’ve just purchased two awesome DVDs: Ultimate Avengers: The Movie and Ultimate Avengers 2. They’re both straight-to-DVD movies based on the Marvel comic The Ultimates by Mark Millar¬†and Bryan Hitch. They where just made available here in the Philippines recently. I was almost about to give in to the urge of buying pirated copies since I thought they won’t be …