Amazing Spider-Man #1

Deadpool’s Wedding And Other Things To Look Forward To From Marvel In April 2014

Gino Carteciano Comics 5 Comments

Man, I love solicitations. They’re like those trailers that run right before a movie but with no movie and there’s no cool voice-over guy and… this metaphor just isn’t working, is it? Anyway, here are the things I’m looking forward to from Marvel based on their April 2014 solicitations, including Deadpool’s wedding! (Also, click on the images to view the …

COMICS! - Avengers World

Comic Reviews: Black Widow #1, Avengers World #1, and All-New X-Factor #1

Gino Carteciano Comics 2 Comments

I started my all-digital comic book-reading life last week with a haul that includes the first issues of all three new Marvel NOW! titles: Black Widow #1, All-New X-Factor #1, and Avengers World #1. I figured this is a great time to start reviewing comics again on a regular basis like I did before. Let’s start with Avengers World #1 …

Comics Collection

A Budding Romance with Digital Comics

Gino Carteciano Comics 4 Comments

I am a comic book collector. I don’t spend thousands on single issues and I don’t have extensive runs of comics that were published years before I was born, but I am a collector. I cherish the few seconds it takes for me to take a brand new comic out of its boarded bag. I take in its wonderful aroma …