Captain America #15 ResurrXion variant cover by David Maquez

6 Things I’m Looking Forward to from Marvel in April 2017

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Marvel is killing it with Inhumans vs. X-Men right now and my favorite thing about it is after the event, we’re going to get ResurrXion and a whole bunch of new X-Men titles. If you haven’t heard, I’m a big X-Men fan, so it’s an exciting time to be me right now. The new crop of X-Men comics start with …

All-New All-Different Marvel - All-New All-Different Avengers #1

Behold! The All-New All-Different Marvel Universe!

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In October, the Marvel Universe will somehow emerge from Secret Wars as an all-new all-different Marvel Universe. We’re going to get 45 new #1 comic book issues that will feature both relaunched and brand new titles. Here’s a full list of all 45 titles including their creative teams and my all-important (no, not really) thoughts on this all-new yet still very familiar …

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1 Review – Dragons Behind Every Smile

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In a world of love triangles, horny teenagers, and milkshakes, Sabrina the Teenage Witch kind of sticks out a bit, doesn’t she? I’ve always found her curious so I like old school Archie Comics stories more if they have Sabrina in it. That’s why I started reading Afterlife with Archie — and I kept reading because it is a genuinely entertaining book, …

Batgirl #35

Batgirl #35 Review – Damn, Bae!

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I have hated — HATED — the New 52 almost as soon as it started and for the past 3 years, I’ve only followed one DC title and it is out of continuity. Things may finally be turning around for my relationship with DC with Batgirl #35 — but not completely. I’ve only read the first two issues of this New 52 …

Wytches #1

Wytches #1 Review – Who Would You Pledge?

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When was the last time a comic book freaked you out? Me, just a couple of days ago when I read Scott Snyder’s Wytches #1. Not sure why it’s spelled like that but if it’s to tell readers this isn’t the witches we all know from pop culture, then good call. These witches are sinister gods hiding in the woods and …