New Home

New Home

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After pulling my hair out with WordPress’ export and import features (there might have been some issues with the export feature and my previous host, but I don’t give a shit anymore), I decided to get my hands dirty and move my blog to a new host by interfacing directly with the database. It wasn’t pretty, but I managed to …


Baddie Bookmarks #5 of 5: It’s All Me

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To end my five-part Baddie Bookmarks series, I’d like to share links that are related the my favorite topic. The topic I’ll never run out of time to talk about. The topic that’s the most important of all: Me. Yes, I’m going to show you my past stomping grounds on the Intarwebz. I warn you, it won’t be pretty. Let’s …


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Holy mother of stinkin’ crap! I’ve blog for the past five days like I’ve never blogged before! In less than five days, I’ve posted ten blog entries (including this one) with topics ranging from blogging to TV network hijacking by a dude wearing a Max Headroom mask. Is Baddie insane, a blog addict, or just hungry for additional cash? You …

The Pinoy Blogosphere

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Whether you blog in Friendster, or you’re maintaining a self-hosted blog with thousands of readers per day, you’re a part of the Pinoy blogosphere. And if you’re a blogger, professional or otherwise, you need readers. And the best readers out there, in my opinion, are bloggers themselves. How to get connected to fellow Pinoy bloggers? Funny you should ask. …

Million Dollar Man

I Disclose

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Well, well, well. It’s seems that Baddie has found a way to make some cash out of this blog. Finally. He’s done it through BlogToProfit. Ka-ching! Basically, all you have to do is insert a sponsored link in the main body of one of your blog posts, and… well, that’s it. You can blog about the product being advertised, or …