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The Best of Baddieverse 2011

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“The Best of” is kind of an overstatement but shut up, it’s my blog. I feel like I’ve lost my blogging mojo — if I ever had such a thing — in the past couple of years but I think in 2011, I got some of it back. I’m actually proud of a number of my blog entries this year. …

My Annoying Short Posts From 2007

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Back in 2007, I used to post bite-sized entries on this blog. Then Twitter came along, so that was that. I’m cleaning up this blog’s categories and tags today and I’ve decided to just collect all of those mini-posts into one useless mega post. For posterity, of course. And here they are with my apologies. Cast Aside | 01.30.07 Because …

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A One Year Experiment in Blogging: Lessons in Social Media

Gino Carteciano Blogging, One Year Experiment in Blogging 3 Comments

In the first part of A One Year Experiment in Blogging, I shared lessons I learned about producing content. In the second part, I shared lessons in making blogs readable and marketable. In the third part, I shared lessons in bringing in visitors from search engines. Today, I’ll tell you about social media. While bringing in visitors via search engines …