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Where to Buy Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures in the Philippines

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No matter where you are in the world, you probably know someone who collects Funko Pop! vinyl figures. Thanks to the insane number of licenses in Funko’s catalog of collectibles, people ranging from sport fans to book nerds to pop culture fiends can find some Pop! they’d want to put on their desks — or their heads. I don’t know, people are weird.

Funko Pop! Chucky

Wanna play? I’m kidding. You don’t play with Pops. EVER.

In the Philippines, Funko Pops have been the rage for the past few years and there seems to be no end in sight for our obsession over these adorable vinyl figures. If you’re just starting with your collection or if you’re a veteran Pop fan who’s looking for other places where you can buy Funko Pop vinyl figures in the Philippines, here’s a list:

(UPDATED: 23 January 2017. Thanks to members of Pop Til You Drop! for the suggestions!)


Big Boys Toy Store – They’re one of the first and biggest retailers of Funko products in the country, so you might want to consider checking them out first before you explore other shops. They have branches at Greenhills, Glorietta 2, Festival Supermall, and Fisher Mall.

Kramer Toy Warden – Another candidate for your first-to-visit list is Kramer. They have branches at Shoppesville Plus Greenhills, UP Town Center, and Festival Supermall. They have one of the friendliest staff I’ve ever met, so if that’s one of your biggest factors in picking a shop, go to Kramer.

Filbar’s – I don’t want to play favorites but Filbar’s is my favorite place to buy geeky things, mainly because I’ve been buying comics from them since I was a dumb teenager. They may have started with comics and magazines, but in recent years, they’ve improved their geek merchandise and collectibles game. They have branches at Festival Supermall, Glorietta 5, Megamall, Ayala Fairview Terraces, SM City North EDSA, SM City Fairview, UP Town Center, Greenhills, Robinson’s Place Manila, and Market! Market!

Comic Quest – Another comics shop I used to frequent before I switched to digital comics. They have branches at Festival Supermall, Megamall, and SM North EDSA.

Hobbiestock – This upscale hobby store has been around for a while so you know they’re legit. They have branches at V-Mall Greenhills, Festival Supermall,  Glorietta 2, Marquee Mall, and Ayala Center Cebu.

Maxicollector – This is another upscale hobby store that got into Funko Pops in recent years. You can find them at V-Mall Greenhills, Bonifacio High Street, and Power Plant Mall.

Geek PH – This one’s relatively new. They started as an online shop but soon opened a store along Shaw in Mandaluyong. Really friendly staff, I should say.

KikoToys – You can find them at Shoppesville Plus Greenhills. They also do meetups and shipping.

Toyzone Xpress – They offer a wide array of collectibles beyond Funko Pops and their prices are pretty great too. They have a shop at Shoppesville Greenhills and they do meetups too.

Toy Bucks – They have an insane range of toys and collectibles available online and at their Shoppesville Greenhills store.


If you prefer buying online, doing meetups, and/or praying to the Shipping Gods that your Funko Pop boxes won’t get destroyed in transit, here are general and specialty online stores that sell Pops:

You can also jump into reputable buy-sell-trade Facebook Groups for Funko Pops based in the Philippines like Pop Til You Drop!, Funko Trading Philippines, and Philippine Funko Pop Collectors. Just make sure you read their guidelines and requirements for joining.

Also, shameless plug! I have an online shop too. I ship anywhere in the Philippines and I do meetups in select venues. Check the FAQs for details, kind visitor!

I’m pretty sure I left out a bunch of other stores, so if you know of other places where you can buy Funko Pop vinyl figures in the Philippines, let me know in the comments or contact me privately so I can update the list. Have fun hunting for Pops!


  1. Thank you for this complete list of Funko Pop online and offline store.

    This helps me a lot as I was looking for additional models to be included in my collections.


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