Kami nAPO Muna

Ako nAPO Muna – Not A Review of Kami nAPO Muna

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This is not a “review” of the APO Hiking Society tribute album entitled Kami nAPO Muna. Not a review because I’m not a music expert. This is merely a… umm… uhh… a constructive evaluation from a simple music fan’s point of view? Whatever dude.

Kami nAPO Muna

The album is most probably a way to recreate the success of the tribute album to the Eraserheads, UltraElectroMagneticJam! released last year. It also features several artists who did renditions for the said Eheads tribute album.

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Rain Dance

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I love the rain. The gloomy weather. The cold smugness of my bed. Whenever it’s raining, I get the urge to stay in my bed and indulge in my guilty pleasures like watching a DVD movie and its extras, reading comic books or graphic novels, and being alone. Yes, being alone in my cold bed during a downpour is one of my guilty pleasures. That’s why I love the rain.

Yesterday, it was raining a lot. I would have stayed all day in my bed, but I had something else that needed to be done. I had to canvass for a private resort in Pansol for our team building on Saturday. It’s probably our last team building with our current team leader. It has to be special. So we’re going all out on food, alcohol, amenities, alcohol, food, and alcohol. Hehe.

I went to Alabang first to purchase some stuff for my rainy day lovefest with myself. I got a copy of the latest issue of DC Comic’s 52 (a weekly comic book!), a copy of Y: The Last Man: Cycles (the 2nd collected edition of the Y: The Last Man comic book series which I totally dig right now), a copy of the Kami nAPO Muna tribute album to the APO Hiking Society, and a DVD of George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead (zombies are frickin’ awesome!). I’m going to write reviews on these purchases in the near future because they’re so frickin’ cool.

On the way to Pansol, I listened to my new CD. I fell in love with Imago. Awesome rendition of “Ewan”. Anyway, listening to the whole album made me want to go straight to UPLB and start a moni session with my brods and sisses at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. As I canvassed Miramonte for 3 private resorts with clean comfort rooms (a requirement by my team lead. hahaha!), I decided not to go to LB and just go home to commence my rainy day lovefest with myself. 2 pm moni sessions will have to wait for another time.

After eating lunch, I was supposed to watch Land of the Dead, but I saw they were showing 50 First Dates on HBO. I decided to watch it first (for the 1,396,150th time!) before I wet myself with Mr. Romero’s zombiefest. I read the Y: The Last Man graphic novel during the movie because it was making me want to hold somebody, and that’s not good if you’re alone during a rainy day. After the Sandler-Barrymore movie, I went straight to the gory masterpiece of Mr. Romero. And after that, I watched all the DVD extras. The rainy day lovefest with myself was a success!

I can enjoy a rainy day with friends and loads of alcohol. I can enjoy it cuddling with someone under the bed sheets. I can enjoy it by myself with all my guilty pleasures. Whatever I’m doing and whomever I’m doing it with, I can enjoy the gloom of a rainy day. That’s why I love it. If only I can will it to rain whenever I feel like it, that’ll be orgasmic.


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Now, before you say this is another one of those blog entries that say the author’s spirit/heart is broken and it needs mending/healing, I’ll tell you otherwise. The title refers to the things around me. Yes. The TV. The PC. And stuff. Things. My soul and my heart are fine. Thank you for the concern. I’m now dealing with the frustration of having stuff around me not working properly.

The first one to give out is my TV. It happened during one of the recent thunderstorms. I love the weather. Cold. Wet. Mildly depressing. Perfect for staying in and sleeping the hours away, or going out to have a few (okay, a lot of) alcoholic beverages with friends. But I hated the stormy weather when it caused these stupid electrical surges that made my TV go kaput. I have to slam it a few times before it works. Most of the time, it just gives me a white line across the screen and some audio. It’s not fun to catch lingerie shows on FTV with only the audio on.

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Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special #1

Loot – Comic Book Reviews

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This past week has been a very nice week for my brain and eyes, and a very bad one for my wallet. I went to Powerbooks in ATC once, and to ComicQuest in Festival Mall twice. Twice! All for the love of comic books. Yeah. It’s my disease. Some people have an addiction with shoes. Some with textmates. Some with pirated DVDs. Some with useless trinkets. Mine is with the wonderful combination of dynamic artwork and great literature of sequential art. Here’s my review (if you can call it that) of this week’s comic book acquisitions:

Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special #1Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special #1: Yeah. It’s not in the traditional comic book format. It’s in the form of a fictional newspaper. For those who are not familiar with Spider-Man (what, you haven’t even seen the movies?!), The Daily Bugle newspaper is where Peter Parker worked as a freelance photographer. This “newspaper” chronicles some of the major storylines revolving around Marvel Comics’ Civil War event, which has gained so much US media attention, especially when Spider-Man unmasked himself in public. I really liked how the writers executed this as a “real” newspaper. It gives you the feeling that you’re living in the fictional world of Marvel. It’s like you’re really reading about real-world current events. Plus, it’s only Php 20.00. Hehe.

Brave New World: Basically, it’s a preview of six new titles (Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters, OMAC, Martian Manhunter, The Trials of Shazam!, The All-New Atom, and The Creeper) from DC Comics. Out of the six preview stories, only the one featuring Captain Marvel was interesting for me. The others were just blah. And there’s also a “surprise” on the last page, but I didn’t give a shit.

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The Commuter

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Telecommuting. Working from home or another location outside the regular workplace. Gas prices being as high as they are now, it sounds like a good idea, right? And for someone who drives to work and constantly rants about gas prices and how the big oil companies are screwing the little guys, I should be a big fan of this. But I’m not. I still prefer the daily commute instead of teleconferencing, telemeeting, telebrainstorming, and teleflirting. There’s something about separating home and the workplace that makes me squint whenever I see a job posting on Jobstreet that includes the term “telecommute”.

There’s something about the “alone time” I get when driving to and from work. It’s different from the “alone time” I get when I’m in my room or when I’m on “the throne” having a cig. It’s the cool breeze that hits me in the face while I’m on the expressway. It’s the rush I get when I cut someone off just because I can. It’s the chance to sing my heart out until my voice gives out. There’s something about getting the chance to sing “Narda” and “Elbi Nights” without thinking about someone telling me to shut the hell up.

There’s also something about meeting your co-workers face-to-face. Yes, it’s better to have your supervisor tell you what you’re doing wrong in ALL CAPS via instant messaging rather than have him/her shout at you in the workplace, but that’s boring. Not to mention you won’t be able to flirt with co-workers using eye contact. Online flirting just sounds stupid and lame to me. How can you read body language when all you can see is a cutesy pic on Friendster or a blurry headshot on a webcam?

Today’s instant/text-messaging, internet-surfing, teleconferencing society may be open to the idea of telecommuting, but I still don’t buy it. The separation between home and work is still one of my needs. Gas prices be damned.