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This past week has been a very nice week for my brain and eyes, and a very bad one for my wallet. I went to Powerbooks in ATC once, and to ComicQuest in Festival Mall twice. Twice! All for the love of comic books. Yeah. It’s my disease. Some people have an addiction with shoes. Some with textmates. Some with pirated DVDs. Some with useless trinkets. Mine is with the wonderful combination of dynamic artwork and great literature of sequential art. Here’s my review (if you can call it that) of this week’s comic book acquisitions:

Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special #1 - Comic Book ReviewsDaily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special #1: Yeah. It’s not in the traditional comic book format. It’s in the form of a fictional newspaper. For those who are not familiar with Spider-Man (what, you haven’t even seen the movies?!), The Daily Bugle newspaper is where Peter Parker worked as a freelance photographer. This “newspaper” chronicles some of the major storylines revolving around Marvel Comics’ Civil War event, which has gained so much US media attention, especially when Spider-Man unmasked himself in public. I really liked how the writers executed this as a “real” newspaper. It gives you the feeling that you’re living in the fictional world of Marvel. It’s like you’re really reading about real-world current events. Plus, it’s only Php 20.00. Hehe.

Brave New World: Basically, it’s a preview of six new titles (Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters, OMAC, Martian Manhunter, The Trials of Shazam!, The All-New Atom, and The Creeper) from DC Comics. Out of the six preview stories, only the one featuring Captain Marvel was interesting for me. The others were just blah. And there’s also a “surprise” on the last page, but I didn’t give a shit.

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The Commuter

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Telecommuting. Working from home or another location outside the regular workplace. Gas prices being as high as they are now, it sounds like a good idea, right? And for someone who drives to work and constantly rants about gas prices and how the big oil companies are screwing the little guys, I should be a big fan of this. But I’m not. I still prefer the daily commute instead of teleconferencing, telemeeting, telebrainstorming, and teleflirting. There’s something about separating home and the workplace that makes me squint whenever I see a job posting on Jobstreet that includes the term “telecommute”.

There’s something about the “alone time” I get when driving to and from work. It’s different from the “alone time” I get when I’m in my room or when I’m on “the throne” having a cig. It’s the cool breeze that hits me in the face while I’m on the expressway. It’s the rush I get when I cut someone off just because I can. It’s the chance to sing my heart out until my voice gives out. There’s something about getting the chance to sing “Narda” and “Elbi Nights” without thinking about someone telling me to shut the hell up.

There’s also something about meeting your co-workers face-to-face. Yes, it’s better to have your supervisor tell you what you’re doing wrong in ALL CAPS via instant messaging rather than have him/her shout at you in the workplace, but that’s boring. Not to mention you won’t be able to flirt with co-workers using eye contact. Online flirting just sounds stupid and lame to me. How can you read body language when all you can see is a cutesy pic on Friendster or a blurry headshot on a webcam?

Today’s instant/text-messaging, internet-surfing, teleconferencing society may be open to the idea of telecommuting, but I still don’t buy it. The separation between home and work is still one of my needs. Gas prices be damned.


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I’m back in the strange and sick world of the Blogosphere. I’ve been blogless (new word!) for a month now. This is not the first time. Before, it was voluntary. I shut down my past blogs or simply abandoned them for a short period of time just because I was having my tantrums about life. Silly, I know. But this time, I’ve been blogless because of elements beyond my control. My previous host did a data and server migration, apparently for a couple of days only. But the couple of days turned into a week. Then a couple of weeks. And next thing you know, I’m creating another blog because my Consolidated Crap blog is lost in server-migration limbo. Enough of the sad intro. Time for the real origin story.

I have more funds now for my comic book geekity (new word!). I’m now visiting my favorite comic book shop almost every week, whereas before, it was just a monthly deal. And comic books, basically, is the inspiration for this new blog. Stupid, yes. But it’s my blog. So, piss off! Anyway, a longbox is, well, a long box where I keep my most valuable comic book issues. Long story short, this blog is where I keep my personal issues about life and all whatevers inherent to it. Brilliant, eh? Mwehehe.

Now, for a brief recap of the past month (excluding the afformentioned host fiasco):

  • I saw the third installment of the X-Men movie franchise. Twice. Just because of that scene after the credits. Bwahaha! The critics slaughtered the movie, but I absolutely love it! And just for the record, Movie Kitty Pryde is so adorably cute! Not hot, but cute nonetheless.
  • With all the big comic book events last month like the end of DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis and the start of Marvel Comics’ Civil War, it’s a good time to be a comic book geek. I’ve also started reading DC’s 52 series (weekly!). I’m a very geeky comic book freak right now. And I won’t have it any other way.
  • I set up a personal webserver on my PC. Yup. I successfully installed the latest versions of Apache, PHP, MySQL, and PHPMyAdmin on my PC. I am now playing around with the latest versions of content management systems like Xoops, Joomla, and PHP-Fusion, and also WordPress. I’m also remotely debugging and testing yUPieLBi.com. Together with the latest versions of Photoshop and Dreamweaver, I have my very own web development workshop in my room. I guess I’m trying to keep my ComSci spirit alive. Not using it much in my job.
  • I went to the beach for the second time this year for our company outing. I don’t know why, but Laiya, Batangas holds a very special place in my cholesterol-ravaged heart. After the outing, I unfortunately got sick. It caused me to miss work for three days. And since I didn’t get a medical certificate for those three days, my salary will get a significant beating this month.
  • Being the impatient prick that I am, several weeks of not publishing these stupid stories and experiences was torture. So I came up with a brilliant idea: make a new blog! Genius!

And that’s it for this blog’s stupid origin story. Baddie, out!