Funko Pop! Chucky

Where to Buy Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures in the Philippines

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No matter where you are in the world, you probably know someone who collects Funko Pop! vinyl figures. Thanks to the insane number of licenses in Funko’s catalog of collectibles, people ranging from sport fans to book nerds to pop culture fiends can find some Pop! they’d want to put on their desks — or their heads. I don’t know, people are weird.

Funko Pop! Chucky

Wanna play? I’m kidding. You don’t play with Pops. EVER.

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The Pros and Cons of Asia Pop Comicon Manila

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Asia Pop Comicon Manila - Nathalie Emmanuel


I’ve never been crazy about local geek conventions. I’ve attended a few just to see what’s out there, but I always felt local conventions leaned more towards commerce rather than the celebration of fandom. That’s why I didn’t buy my ticket to Asia Pop Comicon Manila until days before the event. I only gave in because I was told Nathalie Emmanuel will be there. I love me some Missandei, yo.

I only attended 1 day out of 4 convention days and I chose Saturday because I wanted to be there for the exclusive screening of Captain America: Civil War (SPOILER: I didn’t get to see it thanks to EDSA traffic) and see Nathalie Emmanuel. I expected to spend the day in a packed World Trade Center and leave smelling like geek sweat like I always do when attending other local conventions. But (dun dun dunnn) I didn’t.

Did the first ever Asia Pop Comicon Manila change my mind about local conventions? I’ll break down my answer, Pros and Cons style.

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Ant-Man training

10 Astonishing Things About The Ant-Man Movie

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Marvel's Ant-Man

Before we begin, let me just tell you that there will be SPOILERS here. Cool? Cool.

With probably the most ridiculous superhero concept to ever hit the big screen and the shocking departure of director Edgar Wright (he was replaced by Peyton Reed, the esteemed director of the modern classic Bring It On), it was easy to assume that Ant-Man would be the first major failure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everyone, including this blog author, expected a disaster. Well everyone is wrong.

Ant-Man is the most human story to come out of the MCU and it’s the funniest as well. It’s not the best superhero movie ever, but holy Stan Lee is it entertaining. Here are 10 reasons why (again, SPOILERS!):

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All-New All-Different Marvel - All-New All-Different Avengers #1

Behold! The All-New All-Different Marvel Universe!

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In October, the Marvel Universe will somehow emerge from Secret Wars as an all-new all-different Marvel Universe. We’re going to get 45 new #1 comic book issues that will feature both relaunched and brand new titles. Here’s a full list of all 45 titles including their creative teams and my all-important (no, not really) thoughts on this all-new yet still very familiar Marvel Universe.

All-New All-Different Marvel - All-New Hawkeye #1All-New Hawkeye #1

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Ramon Perez

Is this Kate Bishop Hawkeye vs. Old Man Hawkeye? Not sure but what I’m sure of is Jeff Lemire is great, so I’m on board. I still miss Fraction though.

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Funko Pop! Flocked Aswang Philippine ToyCon 2015 Exclusive Glam Shot

Flocked Aswang Pop! Will Terrorize Philippine Toycon 2015

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If you grew up in the Philippines, chances are you used to fear the darkness because of tales of the Aswang, the stuff of nightmares among Filipino children and adults for centuries. There was even a time in the ’90s when the news was filled with stories of alleged victims of this dreaded mythological creature. The regular black outs at the time didn’t help. It was crazy.

Now we can take this nightmarish ghoul home as a Funko Pop! vinyl figure. And it’s not just the regular one that we first saw back in Toy Fair 2015 in New York City — we’re getting a flocked exclusive for Philippine ToyCon 2015. This Funko Pop! Flocked Aswang can only be purchased (PHP750) at ToyCon on June 19-21 at Megatrade Halls 1-3. It’s the first ever Philippine ToyCon exclusive Pop! so we can expect it to disappear quickly.

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