This Blog Skipped 2016 And It’s OK

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Hello! I don’t know if you noticed but the last entry on this blog was posted December 29, 2015. I completely missed out on 2016. Sorry for that — or you’re welcome, if you didn’t want this site to come alive again.

Since I missed writing about things in 2016, here’s a quick list of some of the things that defined the year, plus my (non)reactions, before I give you an update on Baddieverse, Collectiboss, and myself. BECAUSE YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW STUFF ABOUT ME.

SPOILER: 2016 was the worst.


The Year of Death

2016, like all years, isn’t totally a piece of turd. There were some nice things that happened last year but who wants to hear about that, am I right?

What made everyone decide 2016 was a giant dumpster fire is mostly the fact that a ton of notable people died. The death of David Bowie kicked off The Year of Death and he was followed by a whole bunch of famous people like Prince, Muhammad Ali, George Michael, Anton Yelchin, Steve Dillon, and Miriam Defensor Santiago. The year ended with the death of Carrie Fisher and her mom, Debbie Reynolds — quite possibly the most heart-wrenching loss for geeks in recent memory. May the Force be with you, General Organa.

Of course, Death didn’t just take away heroes from music, sports, politics, tech, comics, and entertainment. It also took away thousands of regular people by way of civil war, suicide bombings, natural disasters, racial discrimination, and a loathsome Philippine War on Drugs.

2016 brought with it an overwhelming sense of finality. The stench of Death was all over. The feeling of loss and dread was relentless from beginning to end. It was a harsh reminder that we’re all going to go someday and we need to make the most out of our time in this floating dirtball of death. Also, 2016 reminded us that we’re the absolute worst.

We’re The Absolute Worst

Britain decided to leave Europe, the Philippines elected Rodrigo Duterte as president and basically approved a bloody War on Drugs, not to mention the burial of a dictator at the Heroes’ Cemetery, and the United States of fucking America elected Donald J. Trump as president.


Other Things That Happened

Bob Dylan received the Nobel Prize in Literature and kind of snubbed the ceremony. The Olympics in Rio was a thing, I guess. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series after a 108-year drought (congrats, Chicago relatives!). The first standalone Star Wars movie, Rogue One, was released and featured the best Darth Vader scene in this galaxy’s history. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 kept exploding/catching fire in people’s faces/hands/crotch areas. Nobody’s going to forget 2016 anytime soon.

And now that this blog is all caught up on 2016, it’s time for ME ME ME.

One of the reasons why I stopped blogging was the belief that I’ve already lost my blogging mojo. I asked myself “should I still go on if I can no longer produce works of art like The Cautionary Tale of Trillanes and the Tank?” I decided no, I shouldn’t. Also, all I wanted to do outside of work — which I love even though it sometimes drains the light out of my soul — was to spend time with family, my comics, and my TV stories. Because NO GIRLFRIEND. Ladies.

But now I think my creative (LOL) juices are flowing again. I’m not sure if I can produce golden content like a children’s story about Antonio Trillanes again, but by all the gods, I’m going to try.

Because of this renewed interest in writing and bugging people on the internet to read my stuff, I’ve given Baddieverse a new look. I created a home page, moved the blog in a different section of the site, and added a shop, which is the same one from my other soon-to-be-decommissioned site, Collectiboss.

So. If you have comments about the new look or queries about the stuff in the shop — or maybe you just want to say hello — just leave a comment below or use my contact page. Happy New Year, everyone! See you in 2018! I jest, I jest.

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