Baddie’s Stupid Journal

diarySo I’ve always wanted to keep a diary, right? I tried it back in high school. Most of my entries were about girls, people that I hated, my parents always trippin’ on me, and more girls. I eventually grew tired of writing journal entries every other month. It was too much work. And it was sorta gay.

I tried it again in college. Using small planners, I jotted down short phrases every day. So in a way, it was written in code that only I, Baddie, can decode. I stopped doing it when my ex-girlfriend got a hold of my cute little planner. She gave me a beating (this is an opening for a hand job joke, but I won’t go there) after seeing all kinds of code names that were obviously for girls. Hey, I’m a friendly guy! Shut up.

I still sort of keep logs of my life by writing blog entries both in this blog and in Face Rockery. But all the tiny details of my everyday life are obviously seeping through the cracks of my Alzheimer’s-esque memory. This is where Twitter comes in.

I post tweets so often that I came to the conclusion that this micro-blogging thing is just like keeping a diary. Probably even better since you’re taking notes about your life as stuff happens. But reading old tweets is a big pain in the arse. You can’t even search for certain tweets in a reliable way. Sure, there are several search engines that specifically crawl Twitter, but I don’t want to search for other people’s tweets. I want to search for my tweets like the one where I made fun of a certain person. You know, so I can laugh and make fun of that person again.

This is where a blog comes in. Using WordPress and Alex King’s Twitter Tools plugin, I created an archive of my Twitter updates. Suddenly, I now have a searchable public diary. Logs of my daily experiences and thoughts. A collection of daily minutia featuring myself. Whooptidoo.

So what I’m saying here is I now have a stupid public journal, brilliantly titled Baddie’s Stupid Journal. I brought it to life early this week, I’m officially letting everybody know about it now, and the rest, as they say, is whatever.


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