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I don’t really care about what’s happening in the U.S. with the elections and all, but people, I’m rooting for Hillary. Yeah. You got that right. I have no idea what her platform is, but I’m rooting for her. Actually, I’m rooting for all the Hillarys of the world. All hail the Hillarys!

all hail the hillarys!

But seriously, I like to be entertained. The current U.S. presidency is entertaining (well, at least for us non-U.S. folk). I mean, it’s like an epic comedy film most of the time. And I don’t think anything can top this level of entertainment. Unless of course you U.S. guys elect a female president. Oh yeah. That’s a whole new ball game right there, right?

And then there’s Mr. Clinton. Plus Hillary’s wacky brothers, Anthony and Hugh, and Mr. Clinton’s equally wacky brother, Roger. This is so gonna be like a Hillaryous sitcom. Hyuk!

Hey, it’s not my fault I’m craving for entertainment right now. Blame the WGA strike.

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  1. Without wacky brothers and a wacky husband with a wacky brother? NO.

    Besides, women are funnier than blacks. WAIT. You know what? They should elect a female black president!

  2. It is entertaining. Makes you realize that Philippine Politics ain't that bad… wait, it is. LOL!

    @Ade, don't forget the Nobel Peace Prize. AMF!

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