baddie 2008

Baddie 2008

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Before I proceed with my obligatory Year in Review post, let’s get this out of the way:

Didn’t get to greet you guys on Christmas Day because of technical difficulties (which are now thankfully fixed) so, yeah. Anyway, I would just like to remind you that like most Year in Review blog posts out there, this one can get a little too reflective and emo and shit for your taste. You’ve been warned.


Started the year with the breakup of a 2-month relationship. It just wasn’t what I was looking for, and apparently, The Ex was thinking the same thing. It wasn’t an ugly breakup, though. This change in my personal life made me a whole lot more reflective, kickstarting a change in my professional life as well. Before January ended, I resigned from K2 Interactive and started to look for a new job.


Newly degirlfriended, I had a lot of love to give and no one to give it to. So I thought, who better to receive my… LOVE than my trusty old friend, the Internet? I published a series of poems during Valentine’s week as an outlet for my… LOVE. Unfortunately, it depressed me a bit. And there’s only one way I deal with depression: BEER. Beer in UPLB to be exact. Aside from battling depression, I spent most of February job hunting. I started with Outblaze before the month ended.


With a social life on life support, I became more reflective than usual. I reminisced about college, I paid too much attention on the news, even the silly ones, and I even started my own bucket list. Losing an ashtray with an extremely sentimental value didn’t help. Man, I miss that ashtray. :(


My mood dramatically shifted from emo to SO CHEERFUL IT’S GAY, and it all started with April Fool’s Day. I spent an entire week blogging about the most awesome chick flick in the history of all chick flicks, Mean Girls. It was so fetch. I ended the month both congratulating and sort of insulting the new graduates of 2008. Good times.


After a month of dicking around, I slipped down again into a deep dark hole of depression. I felt the sudden urgency to have a long term plan. Yes, it involves babies. I got over this emo stage quickly, though. I’m guessing playing Wii games and a trip to the beach helped. By the end of May, I noticed I’ve been blogging too much about the drama in my life on a blog supposedly about “dickery”, so I created a new blog called Emorama!


Feeling a little more positive, I started blogging about stupid things again. I even tried to make positive changes in my life like quitting smoking. It didn’t last, though. Anyway, I was back in the mood for more dickery. But somehow, I lost the drive to blog about comics. Weird. June also saw me starting to pay more attention to my health after being confined to a hospital.


Closing down Face Rockery didn’t really stop me from blogging about comics completely. It was just a small way to cut down on expenses. Part of my plan to save up and prepare for the future or some shit. Whatever. My social life started to gain more steam this month, both online and offline. Faaaantastic.


I started to go out more in August, which affected my drive for writing dumb shit like blog entries about the ownership of the moon and kangaroos. The start of the rainy season helped in improving my mood too because I love the rain like I love greasy food. Also, the bustling community at Plurk inspired me to launch a new site called Plurk Customized Theme Emporium.


September was pretty eventful in my book. Although I didn’t get to watch the reunion concert of the greatest OPM act in history, the Eraserheads, I was still very excited the whole time. I did, however, attend the opening of the San Miguel Oktoberfest. And of course, there was also Baddie Day. It was the best birthday I can remember.


After a couple of “happy” months, I realized that the more I think about drama, the more I get drama. I closed down Emorama! to symbolize the beginning of my new mission: Mission Stop Dwelling on Drama. I started to look at the more positive stuff in my life. Stuff I should be thankful for. Eventually, even girl problems made me feel alive and awesome. Professionally, I felt a change of environment was in order.


Following my decision to be more positive and to quit my job, I decided to quit monthly comics too. Take note that I’m quitting monthly comics, not comics altogether. Perfect timing too since it was time to save up for Christmas shopping. I didn’t exactly hold off on spending, though. I bought a laptop I named Luna and I’m completely in love with her. <3 I started work with DotPH with a very positive outlook in life and I hope this will carry over to 2009.


The month started off sucky when my phone broke. I had to use a replacement phone with a fucked up¬†battery. But I was such in an awesome mood, a couple of weeks without my own phone and getting it back with all the data removed didn’t really bother me. Actually, only one thing bothered me this holiday season: Moleskines. Don’t ask. I capped off the year with two awesome parties/gatherings: the UPLB MASS 35th Anniversary Grand Alumni Homecoming and DotPH’s Christmas Party. With all the alcohol I consumed, I feel like I’m in college again.

There’s something about ending a year on a positive note that just makes you want to go through your blog archive and look for stuff you can link to. AMIRITE?!

Well, that’s my year. Thanks for reading. I hope you had a nice Christmas and I wish you all a happy New Year! Here’s to an awesome 2008 and an awesomer 2009. Cheers!

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  1. Gotta say, that seems like a fairly eventful year. Ended well too, so good for you! :D

    "Obligatory" you say hmmm. Might do something similar soon. zomg Baddie role model!

    Happy New Year!

  2. @Iya: I have 3 extra Spongebob masks left! :D

    @Abby: "Role model" eh? Somehow, I feel people are cringing at your comment. LOLZ

    Happy new year, guys! Thanks for being part of my 2008 and making my Internetz extra sucky this year. (highfive)

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