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I’m just a young man fresh out of college. Moved into a strange town full of strangers. Weird strangers. Met several of them while I’m moving most of my stuff into my new house. A house that resembles a nuclear bunker. Good thing I’m not claustrophobic. After settling in, I managed to throw a housewarming party. The booze flowed like hell. Wanting no more than to work and earn a lot money, my life aspirations didn’t really involve finding love in strange places. And in that alcohol-filled party, I met her — Jessica. Suddenly, climbing the corporate ladder didn’t feel as important as it was.

We slowly got to know each other. Then came the hug. Then the kiss. Then the dirty thing. In a hot tub. Rock n’ roll all night long! Before I knew it, she’s already moved in with me. And the fun really started. Turns out, she’s game. And when I say game, I mean show-me-another-hot-girl-and-I’ll-make-out-with-her game. Awesome!

We started scheduling threesome make out sessions in the hot tub outside my house. We tried it with different girls. But there was this one girl who stood out. A redhead named Beth. Several naughty nights (and days) later, Beth decided to move in. The smile on my face is infinite. And then Jessica and I found out that Beth has a twin sister. Naughty thoughts overload.

I was promoted within a span of a few weeks. I was living with 2 gorgeous ladies who often find time to make out with each other while I watch. Things are going pretty good for me. But all good things must come to an end, right? And for me, it certainly did. How? I got Jessica pregnant. Beth moved out. My job got boring. Jessica got bloated. The bills kept coming in with no signs of stopping. And oh yeah, I killed our cleaning lady because she’s so hot and she wouldn’t make out with me. Suddenly, I don’t know my aspirations anymore.

The Sims 2 is the best game ever!

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