Arigatoys Asks All of Us to Combat Counterfeiting

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With the recent surge of counterfeit Funko Pop! vinyl figures in local stores, I think it’s important that I let you guys know that Collectiboss only gets its stock of Pops from Arigatoys, the official Philippine distributor of Funko products — and soon I’ll be bringing in stuff from reputable sources like Entertainment Earth, Popcultcha, and Hot Topic, but that’s a story for another time.


As one of the smaller (and newer) online sellers of Funko Pops in the Philippines, I know this counterfeiting problem can be a real pain in the butt for all of us — buyers, sellers, and retailers (big and small) — but we shall endure. We just need to be vigilant and report any store or individual who is selling fake Funko Pop! vinyls. We can report them directly to Arigatoys. Here is an excerpt from a statement about this problem from Arigatoys Market Development Manager Alwin Chiu:

You are their customers, you are their demand. If you do not support these stores that sell counterfeit products then there will be no demand for the products in the Philippines. We highly encourage you to buy only from our Official Retailers so that we can stamp out the “pasaway” Toy Stores.

Arigatoys is working directly with licensors and government agencies to fight the good fight against counterfeiting. We, as consumers and retailers, can do our part by not supporting stores that sell fake products. We can do this if we all look out for each other and protect this hobby.

Let’s collectively punch fake Funko Pops in the face! TO AAAAAARMS!

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