COMICS! - Deadly Class #1

Alyssa Milano, a School for Assassins, and George Romero’s Empire of the Dead

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I got a bunch of new titles this week including James Robinson and Steve Pugh’s All-New Invaders #1, but this is one of those rare times when I choose to focus on comics I picked up that are not from my precious Marvel 616 Universe. Let’s review some comics, folks.

COMICS! - Deadly Class #1

Hacktivist #1

Hacktivist #1I had to do a double take when I saw Alyssa Milano’s name in the description for this new mini-series from Archaia. I haven’t heard or read news about her in a while so her name is the last thing I would expect to see while browsing the new releases on Comixology.

Anyway, with the help of writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, and rising superstar artist Marcus To, my favorite Halliwell sister (that’s a reference to the TV show Charmed, kids) explores the themes of social justice and activism by way of the Internet.

There’s nothing much to say about the story as it is mostly an introduction to the main players, but holy crap, Marcus To’s art. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this guy, especially in Marvel’s upcoming New Warriors series. I hope more stuff happens next issue now that we’re already familiar with what drives our billionaire social networking moguls.

There’s never a better time to tell a story about ordinary citizens — including eccentric and playboy billionaires — using the Internet to aid activism in different locations around the world. Just think a young Tony Stark and Mark Zuckerberg inventing a more advanced and less annoying Facebook while secretly dispensing justice across the globe as Anonymous.

With clean and kinetic art telling an extremely relevant story that is just starting to unfold, Hacktivist is off to a great start. I give it 4 out of 5 episodes of Charmed.

Deadly Class #1

We have schools for wizards, mutants, and superheroes. I guess it’s time for a school for deadly assassins, and that’s exactly the setting for Rick Remender’s new series, Deadly Class. We don’t see much of the King’s Dominion High School for the Deadly Arts in this issue, though. It focuses mostly on Marcus Lopez, our screwed up orphan hero who gets recruited to join the deadly school of killers by a group of students that include Saya, everyone’s new favorite character.

Deadly Class #1 - Saya

This is Saya. I’d get on that SO HARD.

Marcus’ story starts a bit slow even with an amusing look at how his parents died. Seriously, I haven’t seen a tragic, yet hilarious, death scene like that in any medium. But the action picks up towards the end of the issue and it is glorious, especially with Wes Craig’s art. His panel layouts start out as static, elegant, and symmetrical, but when the action kicks in, his panels take on diagonal shapes that enhance motion and drama. It’s fantastic.

It’s a strong start for Remender, Craig, and the rest of the Deadly Class team. I give this first issue 4.5 out of 5 teenage assassins.

George Romero’s Empire of the Dead: Act One #1

It always amazes me how George Romero keeps adding new twists to zombies every few years while most writers in movies, TV shows, and comics keep coming back to the  same old tired zombie concepts. This time, he introduces us to a world that has already gone through the worst of the zombie apocalypse. Humanity is starting to recover from the rise of the undead and it’s time to take a look at the sick things they are doing to the walking dead and each other.

George Romero's Empire of the Dead: Act One #1

Another interesting thing about Romero’s new zombie joint is the Smart Zombie. If you’ve seen Romero’s own Land of the Dead movie, you’ll get an idea of what a smart zombie is capable of. The father of the zombie genre builds a post-zombie-apocalyptic world in a single issue without confusing the reader, especially if the reader is already a fan of zombies. He also manages to sneak in a clever reference to the movie that started it all, Night of the Living Dead.

If George Romero writing a zombie comic still doesn’t entice you, maybe the fact that Alex Maleev is doing the art will. When I first read the news about Maleev doing this book, it just made my mouth water with anticipation drool. And now, seeing his dark, sketchy figures moving about in a world that came straight from the mind of George A. Romero, it’s making my mouth water with orgasm drool.

Also, THERE’S A VAMPIRE. I give George Romero’s Empire of the Dead: Arc One #1 4.5 out of 5 gladiator zombies.

Bite-Sized Reviews

All-New Invaders #1 – I was really hoping for a lot of Namor here, but I guess I’ll have to wait for the second issue. 3 out of 5 World War II flashbacks.

All-New X-Factor #2 – After reading the first issue, I wasn’t really impressed with Carmine Di Giandomenico’s art. Now I am. Hot damn, he draws really cool action sequences. The way he draws Quicksilver’s movement is pretty cool too. 3.5 out of 5 abrupt endings to a comic.

All-New X-Men #22.NOW – Fun issue from the first page up to the very last. 5 out of 5 awkward arguments at the cafeteria.

Avengers World #2 – I was expecting every issue of this new title spans the world so I’m a bit surprised that this issue focuses heavily on Smasher. Not that I mind, though. It was a great look into who this new Avenger is. 3 out of 5 mutants in the infirmary.

Black Widow #2 – Like the first issue, we get another action-packed done-in-one. Gorgeous art by Phil Noto, as usual. 5 out of 5 cats left out in the cold.

Hawkeye #16 – KATE IS BEST. FRACTION IS BEST. ANNIE WU IS BEST. ISSUE #16 COMING OUT BEFORE ISSUE #15 IS BEST. 5 out of 5 BESTS. And now, to end this blog post, here’s Kate being BEST:

Hawkeye #16 - Kate Bishop



  1. I got the titles you listed here but I seem to have missed Empire of the Dead. I think I’ll go check it out. :D


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