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A True Mean Girl Story

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mean girls week

To end Mean Girls Week, I think it’s appropriate if I share a mean girl story. A story plucked from my own retarded high school past. It’s not a story about skanky bitches calling everybody “sluts” and “whores”. It’s about high school drama, angst, and awkward silences. It’s about me being in jail with a girl named Vanessa.

I went to a Catholic school in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. A place were dreams are born and hearts are broken. A breeding ground for leaders, jocks, losers, artists, mean girls, and background dancers for noontime TV shows.

izzy trazona

Well hello there, Sexbomb Izzy. How YOU doin’?

It’s your normal high school setting. It’s where I first got interested in the opposite sex and everything related to the word “sex”. It’s where I met Vanessa, a girl one year older than me. She was a regular hot girl next door who played the rhythm guitar for a band. She was in a clique that pretty much represented teen royalty. I was smitten. And terribly intimidated.

I used to send her letters through snail mail. See, when I was in high school, cell phones and email were still regarded as futuristic like flying cars and talking apes. It was pathetic, really, to talk to her via letters when we were in the same school and her house was closer to mine than the stupid post office. Yeah, I was the most shy fucker in the history of all shy fuckers. I don’t understand how some people can call me “babaero” (playboy). It’s ridiculous.

My loser-y ways probably got on the nerves of some mean girls (remember kids, mean girls don’t necessarily have to be girls) so they decided to dick around with me and Vanessa. They were probably her mean girl friends because really, none of my friends would have had the guts to pull off something like that on Vanessa. Anyway, on our school’s Foundation Day (I forgot the year, so whatever), the mean girls executed their plans for an extremely awkward experience for the two of us.

I was wandering the school grounds with my posse (LOL), minding our own posse business, when some douchebags from the jail booth “arrested” me. For those not familiar with the concept of a jail booth, it’s a crude enclosure where “arrested” students and teachers are kept for a set period of time or until they make bail. Who gets arrested depends on the douchebags running the booth or some bored students who suggest the most stupid reasons to “arrest” people. Usually, they base it on the color of people’s clothes. “The jail booth enforcers will now arrest all those wearing white. Watch your back, you filthy perps!” or something like that. Sometimes, they get very specific requests from anonymous assholes like “Gino Carteciano and Vanessa [redacted] will be arrested right nnnnnNOW!”

jail boothSo I was brought to this stupid cage right in the middle of the school grounds where everybody can see me acting all stupid and shit. A couple of minutes later, all the “prisoners” were released, except for my clueless ass. And then she entered the cell. Vanessa. It was just me and her. It was probably the most awkward moment of my young adolescent life. She stayed in one corner, I on another. It was so pathetic. And stupid.

When our mean girl captors where finished laughing at my sorry ass, they gave the two us a special stipulation: we’ll be released only if I exit the cell, extend my hand to Vanessa, and say “Take my hand and let’s get out of here.” I couldn’t count the people smirking, laughing, and giggling around us. Her face was red like a humiliated tomato. My extended right hand was trembling like hell. And then she took it. It was both the most terrifying and the most wonderful couple of seconds of my young pathetic life.

We went our separate ways without saying more than a couple of sentences. I don’t even remember the things that were said. I spaced out. I have never experienced my brain and my heart and my soul and my life in chaos like that before that fateful day.

It was the meanest thing ever done to me in high school because it made me look like a total douche, which I probably was. It was also the nicest thing ever done to me in high school because it was the first (and most probably would be the last) time I held the precious hand of a regular hot girl next door who played the rhythm guitar for a band. I never found out who made us go through that awkward high school defining moment. If I did, I probably would have thanked them. After punching them IN THE FACE!

I should probably just end this with that last paragraph, but I would just like to say that it was also my first boner while holding someone’s hand. And with that totally unnecessary bit of information, Mean Girls Week comes to an end. Thanks for reading, bitches!



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  2. @Hazel:Thanks! Also, when you say “eeny weeny”, you’re talking about the info and not the boner itself, right? RIGHT?!

    @Ade: I did an extensive Google-ification of her name and I didn’t get results that suggest she knows how to go online. But if she is reading this, I’M JUST KIDDING, V! WANNA HAVE COFFEE SOMETIME? SAGOT KO! Unless you’re already married.

    @justplaymice: Yes, yes it was. Meticulous planning went into the development of Mean Girls Week and I am now dealing with Mean Girls Blogging fatigue. So watch out for my next post on this blog… NEXT YEAR!

  3. Loooovvvveeeeee it… Hahahaa, I had to stifle a laugh about that eeny weeny info on the last paragraph, it was so adolescent-y… It was just all too much to take.
    Uhm, I love the way you write. :)

  4. A great way to end the week!
    It was all planned out from the start wasn't it?

  5. That was a brilliant story! And no wonder she was annoyed at holding your hand if you were tenting.

  6. hahaha at least may dahilan na ipa-jail booth kayo, one of you had the hots for the other. mas nakakahiya yung pina-jail booth ka dahil gusto ka lang ma-one way ng schoolmates mong nagraradyo. hahaha.

  7. Haha! Jail booth and boner! All I want to ask is for that chick’s grad pic or something. No? okay!

  8. Baddie, uhm, I meant the info, really… you are making me blush! (*giggles*)

  9. I've been looking for her online for the past several weeks and, I shit you not, I couldn't find her. Seriously. Also, don't Google search for her. The results are… embarrassing.

  10. hahhaha…

    I didnt know you had a thing for Vanessa Godinez?… well i probably knew before but that was soooo long ago i must've forgotten.

    TMI, my friend but u made me laugh my ass off! ;p

  11. Hehehehe. Never had I been a victim of jail booths kahit dun sa feb fair na nagkaroon ng jailbooth ung isang org. I thank godzilla I’m invisible.

    Highschool cwashes… uy, good times, good times.

  12. how cute. i was never a victim of jailbooth during fairs. but you know what's worse than jailbooth? marriage boots!

  13. @cigarette-girl: Now that you mention, I remember we were also summoned to the marriage booth! But after the whole jail booth debacle, I made sure I was totally off the grid.

  14. Cool story out here … :D

    as well as the comments out here … lol

  15. @Filipino in Canada: Which reminds me, I need to post something nostalgic about high school since I graduated from it 10 years ago. How time flies.

  16. Haha. Cool story! You actually got a boner while holding someone’s hand?!

    That must’ve been some good times!! To tell you something, I’m actually going to Canossa school now. :]

    Lucky you!! You still got those jail booths!! Now we don’t even have any booths currently!! And let me tell you, Foundation day suck like HELL.

    The only thing we’ve got now are those stupid bouncing balloon slides(Um, Hello?! Do you think we’re grade schoolers??).

    Anyway, since you went to Canossa Sta. Rosa… Do you know the rumor about Melo?? This was currently circling the campus… And I was just curious.

  17. @Natalia: What rumor? I hope it’s not about my late great friend because that would totally offend me and the rest of my high school class.

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