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7 Magnificent Moments in the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

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My current TV watching habits are limited to news programs and Discovery Travel & Living, which is now known as TLC. So forgive me if I don’t care much about most of the results of the recently concluded Primetime Emmy Awards. However, I did find some moments of the show very amusing.

Born to ROCK.

That opening skit was definitely the highlight of the show. You got Fallon, Fey, Lynch, Hamm, the Glee kids, that chick from the Vampire Diaries and Hurley singing and dancing and letting everyone know that it’s not going to be the same old dull awards show from years past. It just set the tone for the rest of the night. Well, at least for the entire Comedy section of the awards.


The diabolical matricidal evil genius baby Stewie Griffin meets the Modern Family people. I love crossovers between TV shows even if it’s not really a crossover. I wish Stewie did a bit with Sue Sylvester, though. That would have been comedy gold.

I am the worst screen capturer (new word!) ever.

Jane Lynch winning the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy award was the only win that inspired a “FUCK YEAH!” from me. She’s an awesome actor and comedian and she totally deserves that award. It was just kind of weird to see her not being all Sue Sylvester-y while winning something, though.


Sofia Vergara’s boobs in 3D. *high fives all around*

Goodbye, Jack and Kate and Jack. :(

I was terribly confused while watching Jimmy Fallon perform songs as a tribute to 24, Law & Order and Lost. I didn’t know whether I should laugh, because his Elton John and Billie Joe Armstrong impersonations where hilarious, or cry because of the fact that 24 and Lost are over. In the end, I just decided to smile and cry a little inside. Also, can I just say that Fallon did a good job in hosting the Emmys? Because he did.

Good job on the Mel Gibson jab, bro!

Definitely the funniest part of the night was the few minutes of solid Ricky Gervais humor. The whole beer bit was kind of bland, though. But whatever.


Even with all the funny bits and riveting speeches of the night, my favorite moment in the whole awards show is the short but sweet reaction shot from Conan O’Brien after Jimmy Fallon made a joke about the whole Tonight Show business. We were actually robbed of a golden Conan moment when the Tonight Show lost to the Daily Show for Best Variety Series. It would¬† have been sweet to see Coco up there receiving an award for a truly great run on the legendary late night talk show. But nay, we were denied the moment of Conan sticking a giant golden stick up NBC’s dumb ass. I’m definitely looking forward to his new show on TBS. Hopefully, he’ll be back among the Best Variety Series nominees next year to enact cold, hard and swift vengeance.

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  1. Not a big fan of Jimmy Fallon, I find it annoying how he says "at username" when he reads the twitter intros.

    Have to agree with you, the opening skit was awesome. And sad face for Coco not winning!

  2. @Claren: Not a big fan of Fallon too, but he performed that expected. But I had low expectations. So. LOL

    @Carina: Yeah, if there's one thing I like about Conan's Tonight Show losing, it's the Daily Show winning. Also, BUCKY GUNTS!

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