5 Things To Like About Knoji

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One of my favorite things in the world is making easy money. If there’s a way that I can earn money by exerting the least amount of effort possible, I’m all over it. This is why I love different ways to make money online. My favorite money-making gig is writing articles about the stuff I love like technology, the Internet, and comics. Since last year, I’ve been using Knoji to realize my dream of sitting back and watching money trickle in.

Knoji was known by a different name by then but even with a new name, it has remained true to its vision of giving consumers the answers they need and giving us poor people a way to earn some cash by discussing the things we love with as little error in grammar as possible. Here are 5 things to like about the new and improved Knoji:

1. The Design

I’ve always loved how clean Knoji used to look, but now it has a more lively look to it. Bright green and orange elements liven up the mood in the minimalist design of this knowledge network. It’s not just pretty, though. Finding the answers to your nagging questions is an effortless task as all the main topic on the site are listed on the top navigation section. This makes it easier to look for categories and articles. Add to that the huge search field and you’ve got a nice looking and user friendly interface.

2. Profile Pages

As a writer for Knoji, having a clean profile page gives me the right tools to show off my articles and my expertise. I love how my articles are organized in such a way that it can be filtered by the number of comments, votes, and times they were searched. For knowledge seekers, these profile pages give them a direct link to exploring the articles of experts as well asking them questions relevant to their expertise directly via the Ask Question button. Speaking of which —

3. Q&A

If reading articles on the topics you are interested in is not enough, you can go directly to the experts and ask them your extremely important questions — about, say, that tingling sensation you experience whenever you pee? — via the Q&A system. Experts can then address those questions because they are awesome. Other people can join in on the fun too as questions asked via the Q&A system can also be answered in the public Knoji forums.

4. Dashboard

One of the first things I loved about Knoji even before its recent face lift was the Dashboard. I get all the information I want to know about my account like my best performing articles, how much have I earned so far this month, and more in one convenient page. This is also the most convenient way to jump on writing opportunities and earn some money.

The Great Philosopher Meja with the Great Homosexual Ricky Martin

5. Money, Money, Money

The great philosopher Meja once said, “it’s all about the money.” In some way, that’s true with Knoji as far as most writers are concerned. Publishing articles is easy and the revenue stream keeps flowing. The more you write, the bigger your activity bonuses are, the more you earn. I’m not going to be a millionaire anytime soon but if I write enough articles, I can get a steady stream of monthly payments via PayPal to help me fund my addiction to beer.

While Knoji initially focused on the writing part of the equation, its new improvements make it clear that from now on, providing answers to questions on a range of topics is top priority for the knowledge network. I liked it first as a writer, but not I’m starting to like it in a different way — as a community of experts and knowledge seekers basking in the glory of Internet information sharing. It just so happens that there’s revenue sharing involved for writers too. Huzzah!

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  1. knoji pays well and i like the people there. the only thing is you get rejected a lot, which can get annoying. but the pay is good and the site looks great so whats to complain about.

  2. I'm not sure about the avocado coloring :) but i do like the concept. Most answers sites make it hard to find stuff, like you need to search and stuff. I like that knoji has good categories makes it easier to get around.

  3. Just got my check! They pay fast and on time. I earned $24 for my 2nd month with Knoji, not bad. I wonder whether they will keep going at thisrate, i hope so. How do you guys do on knoji vs other sites.

  4. Can someone help me about registering to post coupons on knoji? I don't see my saved coupons list even when i'm logged in. I'm not sure if they're earning. Has anyone earned from the coupons on this site?

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