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5 Things About ‘The Flash’ Trailer

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If you haven’t seen the full trailer of The CW’s The Flash, watch it now. WATCH IT!

Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve been skeptical about this Arrow spin-off since I’m not sure honest-to-goodness costumed super-powered superheroes would work on TV. In movies, they’re spectacular. On TV, NOPE. But this trailer makes the show look amazing and I’m hoping it really is. I’m not setting my expectations too high because that would only lead to major disappointment — I’m looking at you, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pre-Captain America: The Winter Soldier — but there’s enough here to lure me in, throbbing with anticipation.

Now here are 5 things I really like about the trailer (including blurry screencaps!) :

The Flash - Professor Zoom

1. ZOOM!

Professor Zoom a.k.a. Reverse-Flash a.k.a. Eobard Thawne (although he’s “Eddie Thawne” in the show, I think) is one sick mofo — in the comics at least. I mean, dude decides to ruin Barry Allen’s life by going back in time and killing Mrs. Allen, which resulted in the reboot of the entire DC Universe, leading to the birth of The New 52 a.k.a. The ’90s. Dick move, Zoom. But yes, seeing the live action ghostly form of the Reverse-Flash ruining live action young Barry’s life is very exciting.

The Flash

2. Do you even lift, bro?

I’m so glad The CW didn’t go for the typical handsome model who’s almost always shirtless and oily for the lead. This scene where Barry tries out his super-speed makes him look like a puny nerd and it is fantastic. Also, it looks really fun.

The Flash - Weather Wizard

3. Weather Wizard

There’s a guy called “Wizard” and he can make tornadoes. I will be extremely disappointed if they don’t make at least one Wizard of Oz reference. But yeah, this is great. An actual super-powered super-villain fighting a costumed super-powered superhero. ON TV! And it doesn’t look pathetic!

The Flash - Lightning

4. Justice, like lightning!

The thing from the teaser that made me sit up and pay attention to The Flash is the lightning effect when Barry runs in-costume. And we get to see more of it here! It usually looks great in the comics, but I never thought it would look so sweet in live action.

The Flash - Arrow

5. It’s all connected, man.

I like how Green Arrow appears in both the teaser and the trailer. It’s like CW and DC are telling us something. But what is it? Ahh, yes, “IT’S ALL CONNECTED LIKE MARVEL, SUCKAS!” If this means they’re building the DC Cinematic Universe on two fronts with The Nameless Batman-Superman feat. Wonder Woman Maybe Movie (UPDATE 5/23/14: It is now called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice … HAHAHAHA) and the two CW shows, I’m all in, bros. Although I’m actually more excited about what’s happening on TV than on that movie with Sad Batffleck.

Sad Batman

Like most comic book fans, I bitch and complain a lot about every possible thing that may go wrong with a TV show or a movie when new trailers come out — that’s just what we do. But when I see something really cool, I leave the whole nitpick party and get excited about EVERYTHING. This is one of those instances. I am super-psyched about The Flash, you guys! I mean, really, how can you not get pumped after seeing The Flash fighting a tornado?



  1. "Puny nerd"??? Lightning gave him abs! :p

    Also, thank you for sharing stuff from the comics, makes a lot more sense now than just Ooooh cute Flash, must watch.


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